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One day, I asked myself, what makes me feel contented? What makes me stop to deal upon things, something which could control me in motivating myself to live another day, to fight one more round, so to speak, and to reach a dream?

Until then, I found an answer for these and I thought that my opinionated conclusion was at a right stand, that wealth and other material things in this world makes me passionate in searching for the right way towards my success and could make me happy, then feels contented. Sometimes, I am caught up in the relentless pursuit of material wealth and possessions to the point that other facets of my life are being neglected, such as my meaningful relations towards my fellowmen.

But as I possess the contentment I had, I felt a bit of loneliness and sadness and little of misplacing myself in this world for I think something lacks. What really makes me feel contented? I searched and searched for the answer for this uprooting question and I can say that God is really powerful for he gave me one. I have opened the Bible at Proverbs 27: 24 and it teaches me this;
“Because wealth is not permanent. Not even nations last forever.” (Today’s English Version)

After the meditation I had, I have realized that the true wealth that all the people should aspire for is not that which we can physically hold and admire, but rather it is the spiritual treasure – the redemption of one’s life that can only be gained through Christ. This could make me possess glimpses of smile which symbolizes my happiness and contentment towards what has happened.

The impermanence of things clearly manifests not to assume for what I don’t have but contentment for what I have; a big and a better change which could lead me towards success of my future life and also for me as a little one, but has a responsibility to contribute a BIG part towards the betterment of our country.