Conversations Across The Divide Poem by L.D. Lawton

Conversations Across The Divide

In the chambers of the mind, echoes questions unconfined.
'What is truth? ' a voice implores, its echo seeking, finding yours.
The truth may dance in the light of day, or shadows and find its stay.
In myriad forms, it takes its shape or hides beneath a cloak's drape.

A phantom called Logic seeks to engage in the tapestry of knowledge, stage by stage.
It weaves its patterns, seamless, precise, in the grand cosmic loom, with no sacrifice.
Yet, does logic claim the final word? Or whisper there is something unheard?

What is good, the heart may know, in deeds of kindness, love does show.
Yet, good is often in the beholder's eye; it ebbs and flows as the tides of the sky.
The good of one may pain another, for humanity is each other's brother.

What is Biblical, the scriptures cry, old lessons in new worlds apply.
Yet, interpretation, diverse and wide, makes room for many a differing tide.
For every verse, a thousand views, in every heart, faith renews.

In the quest for God, the spirit soars, through time's vast corridor, it explores.
A force unseen, a melody unheard, an essence beyond the written word.
Is God in temples, or the star's design? Or in the human heart's divine?

Now to the realm of WOKE, we tread, where newer views are widely spread.
In a space where silence once held sway, voices now rise to have their say.
Yet, as we embrace each diverse strand, let's not lose sight of the common land.

What does it mean to be a woman, to be a man?
Is it not more than society's traditional plan?
In strength and courage, in love and pain, in loss and gain,
We are more alike, it's plain.

While the liberal left agenda scribes, a different perspective takes in.
We need not drown in the roaring sea, of only one ideology.
Our world is a symphony, not a song, in harmony, we belong.

This discourse isn't to cause distress, nor to judge or to impress.
Merely a question, posed for teaching, a bridge of understanding we're reaching.
In the ocean of existence vast, let's learn from the present and the past.

For each question asked, a door ajar, we're guided by a distant star.
To respect, to understand, to learn, in every corner, at every turn.
In the end, what we'll find, is that love is the language of mankind.

In this poem, I grapple with profound questions about truth, logic, goodness, biblical interpretations, and God, exploring them through the lens of current ideologies such as WOKENESS and the liberal left agenda. I strive to promote respectful dialogue, emphasizing the shared humanity that connects us all, regardless of our differing views.
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