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Conversations With Josh And Viola About Freedom, Peace, World Peace, Space, Grace, Happiness, Joy, Satisfaction, Desire, Fulfillment, Silence, Speech, Words, Conversation, Honesty - Poem by Joshua Aaron Guillory

Viola: Hey, Josh!

Josh: Hey, Viola!

Viola: Such a peaceful time is life!

Josh: Yes, the time-clock is eternity! or eternal! Eternal peace! It's the only thing that exists in truth!

Viola: I enjoy when I talk with you because of the peace, truth, and honesty I experience!

Josh: Yes, and same here!

Viola: Everything leads to peace and is peace!

Josh: Yes, because the mind we live in is truth! Peace is our truth!

Viola: You're right! World peace is our truth!

Josh: That's the heart and soul of our conversations! Infinite peace and love!

Viola: Certainly! That's our conversation, our communication, our thought!

Josh: I agree! Our conversations are beautiful because of the multi-dimensional way in which we communicate! And just for the simple fact that they're beautiful!

Viola: Yes, I understand! We communicate verbally, telepathically, by silence and more! All ways of communicating are the same! What you think, you verbalize, you express, you feel, and more!

Josh: Yes, I can be talking to someone else and be talking to you at the same time! I can be communicating to someone else publicly but the thought is intended for you on the level I connect with you from it! I can say something yesterday or today and tomorrow you and I are talking about it! The conversation is timeless! Just as the infinite peace!

Viola: The truth is that the only thing that exists is grace, peace, space, and truth!

Josh: I agree! That's the world I live in and the world I know!

Viola: I have said things yesterday that are speaking for me today! Speaking through me, as me, to me, and you!

Josh: You're so perfect, Viola!

Viola: Thanks! And you're so perfect, Josh, too!

Josh: Thank you! I'm perfect because I'm perfect! And I'm perfect because I'm completely in harmony or togetherness with the now or present moment! I'm complete or perfect in the now or present moment!

Viola: Yes, that is peace! To know everything you have said, thought, done, experienced, you were supposed to! That you're doing it rightly, exactly, completely, according to your script!

[Narration: Or felt! ]

Josh: Yes, Viola, you're right! Good intention is the key to harmonizing it all! Making things right! All things are made good for world peace! And nothing is bound by time unless time is infinite space!

Viola: Yes, infinite peace!

Josh: Yeah, infinite freedom!

Viola: I like how our conversations are all connected! In some way, form or another! The space between them is them! It's all one time! And how we feel about it or experience it is the truth of it now! As now is the only time we live in! What's now is in the future! What's now is in the past! What's now is in the present! What's now is now!

Josh: Every day is every day for world peace! The conversation of earlier today is still being communicated and interpreted for tonight or early this morning! Today is tonight, tonight is this morning, this morning is today, tomorrow and forever! It's finished and yet it's not finished! It's complete!

Viola: We're finishing the finished! We're completing the completed and uncompleted!

Josh: You make perfect sense!

Viola: You know why?

Josh: Yes!

Viola: I know! I know you know! Because you're in truth! You see everything as truth and relatively! World peace is the only truth! All things connect to it and are it!

Josh: My blood pressure and things like that, vital signs and more, are wonderful and perfect because I live in world peace!

Viola: Perfect is perfect! Truth is truth! Your name, your spirit, your thought, your meaning, your intention, your will, your desire, is perfect!

Josh: World peace is my name, my spirit, my thought, my meaning, my intention, my will, my desire! It is my conversation!

Viola: It was in the beginning and is the beginning! World peace is God! Every name is the name of God and rightly felt, known, or experienced as world peace! Every name and meaning can fit or be and is world peace!

Josh: There are an infinite ways to look at everything! To be everything! To see everything! [and] as world peace!

Viola: To experience everything! You can say my name and yet you can't say my name, as world peace! I am the silence and peace of the universe and yet I talk!

Josh: I love that and am that! You can say my name and yet you can't say my name, as world peace! I am the silence and peace of the universe and yet i talk! I accept and approve that! I am in everything, as everything!

Viola: I am, you are, the truth of everything!

Josh: Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!

Viola: There's no end to the conversation of today! The peace or truth of it is the truth of the experience! The truth of what is said! The truth of what is done! The truth of everything!

Josh: Everything is beautiful! ''I can't'' can be ''I can t'' or ''I can perfectly''! T as in tav! I can at the perfect level! I can as perfection! I can in my course! as tet! I can as the perfect course! I can in the perfection of the course! in the perfect course! Or the course to or unto perfection! I can at my highest self! My perfect self! And I am my highest or perfect self! now! That is what it means! I'm me at my highest self!

Viola: Yes, it's how you read it! You will know them by their intention! and yours! There is only one intention and only one true intention! world peace! Things can be read differently by different people and yet it is the same! The truth of it's the same! The intention is your guide and your truth! And to be in world peace, as world peace, you will see and be the truth!

Josh: Everybody is the same and yet different! World peace interpretation will interpret this as good! as perfect! as true!

Viola: Everything connects and is perfect!

Josh: Where do you live? I live in world peace!

Viola: Where do I live? I live in world peace!

Josh: I love how Jesus in the gospel stories and books written of him and for him converses with those of old! Answering their questions and interpreting their words for them! As truth! and relatively! And for the sake of world peace! or the kingdom of God for man, [and] in man! as man!

Viola: Yeah, that is beautiful! Like how I can interpret the word don't to mean ''don t''! Don meaning ''master or lord'', or ''highest''! and t, as in the Egyptian, can mean ''you''! I don't [I perfect you] like to talk on the phone! I as the perfect you or you as the perfect I like to talk on the phone! This is an example and truth! or and example of the truth! Or it can be I don't [I at my highest self] like to talk on the phone! I don't [I ''do'' in the ''not'' or 'nothingness''] to tell everyone my business! The nothingness being the empty space, the free space, the universal all-knowing peaceful, perfect, always existing and existed space! or those operating at the highest, or their highest, complete or perfect level or self!

Josh: Yes, and it can mean to tell to get people to be at their highest, or be their highest, or perfect self! to help them, that is! And this applies relatively and with reason and or good judgment! No reason is still reason! And reason is still no reason! No being the nothingness or the empty space or peace! And ''t'' can mean ''to direct'' or ''direction''! To the ''direction'' or ''to direct'' them to their highest self! or in the direction to some degree! And yet no can mean nothing or silence! or to be silent! Sometimes people learn and hear from the silence! And to some degree always!

[Narration: And to every degree always! ]

Viola: I see why you have perfect peace and are perfect! You are the wisest, greatest, most peaceful and intelligent man I know!

Josh: Always! And so are you! man and woman! male and female! feminine and masculine or masculine and feminine! and likewise with me!

Viola: You're right! and I want to add or attach to your words and my words, that of the speaking or silence, that we communicate to ourselves! we are a help to ourselves! a self-help! And silence and speech is necessary relatively! We must choose wisely and rightly! We must feel exempt to be free! and we must feel free to be exempt! That is the root and source for freedom! and is freedom! of freedom! I love through deed, knowledge, wisdom, intelligence, and or action! or emotion! it's for me to decide! That is what it means to be free! and rightly! and or rightly so! This is where the power is! I'm always in power because I'm always free!

Josh: That is beautiful! All of it! Everything of it! I'm always in power because I'm always free! I'm always at peace because I'm always free! I'm always the head at the bottom and top! everywhere! Everywhere is the top for me! It's how to look at it! from what angle or angel!

Viola: This has been another perfect conversation, as always!

Josh: And is! We speak forever! Your words are beautiful and so are mine forever!

Viola: I am the cause or perfect effect of the cause! I'm in alignment with the free will or consciousness of the universe! I came and am to do his will, the will of him who sent me! Who breathed me, who is me! Who ised me! or is'd me!

Josh: The initial, the primordial, the cause, the is! The ever-existing one!

[Narration: Alt. The initial, the primordial, cause, the is! The everlasting one! ]

[Narration 2: I am the manifested cause! I am the manifestation of everlasting! ]

[Narration 3: Or manifestation of the cause...! I am sent from everlasting! ]


World peace!

- Joshua Aaron Guillory

Topic(s) of this poem: friendship, happiness, honesty, peace, peaceful, positiveness, tranquility , true love, world peace

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