Monday, January 13, 2003

Crazy Jane Talks With The Bishop Comments

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I met the Bishop on the road
And much said he and I.
'Those breasts are flat and fallen now,
Those veins must soon be dry;


William Butler Yeats
Adeeb Alfateh 19 July 2019

A woman can be proud and stiff When on love intent; But Love has pitched his mansion in The place of excrement; For nothing can be sole or whole That has not been rent.' great crazy poem shared great 10+++++++++++++++++++++++

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pushpadewa 13 July 2018

Those veins must soon be dry; Live in a heavenly mansion, Not in some foul sty. the sorrow has gain crazy thoughts it nice poem

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lil Pump 16 April 2018


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Trochilus Tales 18 December 2008

Rob, No, I think Crazy Jane is responding to his admonition that she is getting older and should 'Live in a heavenly mansion, Not in some foul sty.' She rejoins that 'foul and fair are near of kin, ' indeed, inextricably related. The last two lines are quite vivid, are they not, with plays on both the words 'sole' and 'whole.'

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Rob Brennan 16 August 2006

I don't think I really understand this poem. Is everything from 'My friends are gone..' to the the end spoken by the bishop? What do the last two lines mean?

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