Rory Hudson

Critique Of Poetry

A poem is a sorry thing,
Not fit for reading to a king:
It’s often full of silly rhymes
That waste a lot of people’s times.

But modern poets can’t rhyme at all,
Which really is abominable;
Their rhythm quickly gets all out of whack,
Because I guess it just seems like for rhythm and rhyme they don’t have the necessary knack.

Phrases created on demand
Which nobody can understand,
Like wool that's thrown across a fence
And stirred until it is quite dense.

Syntax gets twisted out of shape
Not unlike a grinning ape -
Examples which of, I think cannot,
So, yet to learn have I a lot.

Poems do not make much sense
When talking of abstract sentiments
Or waffle philosophical
On subjects what ain’t topical.

A poem can be so abstruse
It makes you feel you’re quite obtuse;
You scratch your head until it’s sore,
And still can’t follow any more.

So poets often write of love,
Usually rhymed with “heaven above”,
Neither of which they know about -
But mostly they are not found out.

And many a poet is a bore
With simile and metaphor
That fill up many an empty line
With silly thoughts like yours and mine.

A simile is like a ball
(Or maybe not - I can’t recall) ,
Or like a man who runs around
And never seems to touch the ground.

A metaphor’s a stranger’s child,
And so to you it might seem wild;
But just when you think, “This is rum! ”
It up and bites you in the part of the anatomy on which a homo sapiens normally sits.

Now, if you think you’ve got my drift,
Then you have a very special gift,
‘Cause I can’t understand myself -
So, best to leave me on the shelf!

Poem Submitted: Friday, March 27, 2009

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Comments about Critique Of Poetry by Rory Hudson

  • Irene Clark-hogg (4/25/2009 7:10:00 PM)

    Which just goes to show that you do know what poetry is. Haha!
    Your Critique is a delightful piece of fun which I enjoyed very much.
    I shall certainly return to read more of your poems.
    Irene x

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  • Malcolm The Last. (4/15/2009 12:58:00 AM)

    Thats really wonderful and well clothed... are you the seer? ,
    rhyme is sometimes really material, ... oh dear
    with rhyme, its easier to impress the... peer
    poetic devices make it cheaper to look into the... rear

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  • Julie Dant (4/1/2009 3:45:00 PM)

    OK! OK! I'm DELETING all my LOVE poems today! ! ! ! !

    APRIL FOOLS! ! ! ! !
    ; 0)))) WEREN'T talking about mine were you, RH?

    APRIL FOOLS X 2! ! !

    But the message is loud and clear and so right.. ; 0)

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  • Londiwe Buthelezi (3/30/2009 1:36:00 AM)

    i love's really silly but totally true.

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  • Sidi Mahtrow (3/27/2009 8:49:00 AM)

    The enticing aroma of a kitchen
    Sets the nose to twitchin'
    Yet flavor
    Is what we savor.

    Such it is that poetry
    Teases the memory
    And arouses passions
    Of gustatory abstractions.


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