Celestina Ripley


Poem by Celestina Ripley

I am the cross by the side of the road,
I have a story that's been many times told.
I was the one who was driving too fast,
Let off the brake and pushed on the gas.
I was the one who was driving from work,
Drifted to sleep and rolled my car in the dirt.
I am the one who had fun all night
Had a few beers and got locked in some fights.
At home is where I shoud have stayed,
But I tried to drive to school anyway.
I am the father, the daughter, the brother;
The grandma, the cousin, the grandpa, the mother.
I'll give you a word unto to wise:
If you wish to see your very next day
Be careful how you drive,
Because it's hell to pay.
Don't become a cross on the side of the road,
Don't wait to be in the story
That's been too many times told.

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, December 12, 2004