Denys E. W. Jones

Cut Your Carbon Footprint! - Poem by Denys E. W. Jones

Climate change has hit the headlines,
This year more than ever.
Everybody’s wondering:
“What’s up with the weather? ”

Autumn seemed like Summer,
Winter’s more like Spring.
Flowers are blooming, seeds are sprouting,
Bees buzz, and birds sing.

All this talk of Global Warming
Isn’t just hot air.
Evidence is all around us,
Proof is everywhere:

Polar ice-caps melting,
No snow on the pistes.
Yet we fiddle while Rome burns,
Guzzle, gorge and feast.

Drastic action’s called for,
Time is running out.
Mother Earth’s in danger,
Only Bu$h still doubts.

You, the individual,
Have a choice to make:
Cut your Carbon Footprint,
Or in heat’s grip bake.

If you’re not sure how to help,
How to do your bit,
How to pare that Footprint down,
Here are a few tips:

City Breaks in Barcelona
Should be a no-no.
Ditch that low-cost, short-haul flight,
Better stay at home.

Take your car down to the Scrapyard,
And don’t buy a new one.
Go to work by Public Transport,
Abrogate the School Run.

Don’t have showers three times daily,
Bath but once a week.
You’ll be working for a Good Cause,
Even if you stink.

Dump your laptop in the dustbin,
Telly in a skip.
Chuck’em on the tip!

Don’t listen to records, tapes,
CDs, MP3.
Make sweet music with your partner,
You know what I mean?

But don’t have too many children,
‘Cos they all consume.
Last thing that we need right now
Is a Baby Boom.

Purchase fewer books, newpapers,
Journals, magazines.
Don’t you know what paper’s made from?
Yes, from chopped down trees!

You don’t need that Jilly Cooper,
Archer or McEwan.
Read your Bible, Works of Shakespeare,
Plenty there to chew on.

Smash your light-bulbs in their sockets,
Go to bed at dusk.
Read in bed by candlelight,
If you really must.

Don’t buy runner beans from Kenya,
Wine from Chile, Greece.
Pop down to your local market,
Get some kale and leeks.

These are just some of the measures
That you might adopt
To become more eco-friendly,
And help stop the rot.

Cut your Carbon Footprint,
Set a good example.
CO2 emissions
Are so very harmful.

Downsize your consumption,
Follow my advice.
Cut your king-size Footprint,
Or watch the Oceans rise.

It’s sound sense I’m talking,
I’m no crackbrained freak.
Change your wasteful lifestyle,
Or we’ll be up Shit Creek!


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Poem Submitted: Thursday, February 8, 2007

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