Seema Chowdhury

Daily Inspiration January 2016 - Poem by Seema Chowdhury

1) Start your day on a positive note and show care, kindness and the spirit of hope. This will make you a better person and it will be an amazing and affirming life experience

2) Observe life from inside out and try to understand how and why. Listen to your own story carefully and make sense of your life's events.

3) If you want to change the world you are living in then step back and look for light and hope through the crack of time.

4) If you see tears welling in your eyes then pause for a moment and dig in deep to find the emotions and fear behind those tears.

5) Enjoy the little things that come in your way and cross the river of dream with smiles. Try to enjoy and be happy, for happiness is contagious.

6) Let your thoughts wander and collect cool breeze of peace and serenity so it an help you to go on and shape your own world.

7) Accept challenges and learn the rules of life's game. Have strong determination to succeed and believe in yourself.

8) Step by step walk forward and keep your faith alive. Brush off negativity and hymn life's melody of joy, love, hope and peace.

9) Life is one race after another so reach for high goals as you go along. Be your own life coach and find your inner peace.

10) This is your moment and the time is just right so capture it and make a difference. Remember you always have a choice so pick yours from the realm of ideas scattered around you.

11) Do everything with hope and try just one more time. Carefully see the unique pattern emerging and accordingly make little adjustments.

12) Don't sit alone in the dark with old memories, open up your heart's door and clear your lenses to see the world glowing with opportunities.

13) We all have different ways of looking through the world so be open and give yourself more answers to explore and follow the ebb and flow of life.

14) Find a magical moment of connection and decorate your life with smiles. Wipe the thick blanket of fog and clear the pebbles from your way.

15) Invite happiness in your world and build it with the bricks of hope, creativity and possibilities.

16) Watch outside at early morn as the first ray of sunshine peeps in through the window. Open the door and absorb in its warmth.

17) Adopt an upbeat attitude and create a buzz of happiness. Get your life on track and cope with obstacles so you can change your life today.

18) Find and recapture your inner strength in the midst of darkness and fear. Absorb the crisp and compelling colors of real life and enjoy the cast of warm glow of light to strengthen your faith.

19) Don't let confussion to grow or feel emotionally trapped in the silent moments. There is more to life then we can comprehend. Ask for God's help and take Divine direction, for He is the Lord of great bounty.

20) Enjoy the richness of the world and have delightful experiences. Sow the seeds of compassion and face the future with peace. Take a new direction in the comforting light of the day and see things differently.

21) Step forward with smiles and a caring attitude and feel warm and blessed. Hum a sigh of relief and don't whine and complain. Get your life on track again a d show gratitude for the miracles of the helping hands of God.

22) Don't let your heart sink, fight tears of pain and ponder on life's events. Watch outside at early dawn and see the first ray of sub shine creep in.

23) Open up your heart and find refuge and solace in despair. Fill a void with faith and belief. Let the painful memory fade away so you can enter with a smile in a new day.

24) Keep life's pathway clear and enjoy the light of the day. Turn the page and remember its your time to shine. Understand the dynamics of life as life happens at a brisk pace.

25) When disappointments come along don't stiffen with grief or bitterness. Be graceful in every step of the way and enjoy your moments of silence. Sprinkle joy and smile and let the bud of happiness bloom and spread its fragrance.

26) Learn to live life with high aspirations, creating values and maximizing the moments of life. Change your actions and attitude and mend your broken thoughts. Adopt a perspective that is positive and radiant.

27) Review your story and move quickly towards the future. Create new life for yourself and find simple answers of the questions yet to ask. Look deeper inside your soul and make a lasting impact.

28) Amazing things will start happening when you will add colors in your life. Create a better tomorrow and try to look at things from a more positive perspective.

29) Life has many flavors: soft and chilly, tender and chewy, sweet and sour, spicy and salty, choose your flavor and start spinning your life's events around it.

30) Hold out hope and celebrate life with smiles, laughters and make memories. Create bright moments in the dull time and breathe in fresh air to feel new and alive.

31) Focus on the positive thoughts and use your power of dreams to brighten your day. Clean and clear the dusty belongings and faded memories so you can feel the warmth of the glowing sun.

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