Dance Bars Poem by Mehta Hasmukh Amathaal

Dance Bars

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Cheap entertainment for city people
Landed poor girls dancing girls into trouble
Government ordered closure of bars
Only available means in city for not going far

It had created law and order situation
Rapes, robberies and theft cases were brought to attention
The police used to raid bars at late night
It was sometimes resisted and resulted in fight

Thousands were rendered jobless
They had lot many problems to face
No livelihood for life and increase in hardship
This was all done in single whip

Special ordinance was passed
Prohibitory amalgamation orders were pressed
Many reputed bars were closed
As people there were blindly chased

In films, the worst scenes are shown
It is open and well known
No one ever raised eye brows to stop
As if it was preferred shop

Long eight years of survival struggle
The court has ruled and now they will be able
To perform within strict rules
With limits to entertainment scale

It was done in hurry
The law makes did it to add worries
There was no solution for human sufferings
No scheme for rehabilitation or liberal offerings

Let us hope and wish no bread is snatched
From the poor girls who have outstretched
Came from in city as bread earners
A lesson for human being as beginners


Wendy S Anderson13 minutes ago we will still be here

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Cheap entertainment for city people Landed poor girls dancing girls into trouble

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Re: Dance bars (Score: 1) by Rabbitt on Thursday, July 18,2013 (18: 24: 56) Laws sometimes hurt the ones who don't break the laws.

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Babatunde Aremu 18 July 2013

Great write. Truth can not be far from this.

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Nilotpal ChandaLess than a minute ago The last two stanzas are well thought of and caring, Truthful yet unbiased.Hats off, for your instant reaction Comment +1 Huh?

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thought provoking Oliver Little7 minutes ago an interesting subject coming from a good place. well done Comment +1 Preferred shop

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Rishi Sekhar12 minutes ago Seriously? Comment +1 the law as spoken

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