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Dark Days - Poem by stephen banks

A battle wages in my head and a victor has yet to arise. Watching all I've accomplished and work so hard to hold on too dwindle away, How did it come to this? Falling from celestial grace to the twenty-four-seven tormentors of hell. Letting go all I love and hold dear, just to salvage what's left of an over-rated self-pride. All lost without reason or explanation. My mind so twisted and reality so distant, perception is lost. Falling into a depression so deep, the journey back looks insurmountable. Where does one go when he's reached the bottom and can see no plausible way out? Does he keep digging? Does he yell and scream at the top of his lungs and hope someone hears his cries? Maybe its best to just lay down and die. That's how the pressures of life can make a person feel. But there use to be happier times, times when the night had no end, times when I was so happy, so full of life, the world was my playground. Now the world seems more and more like a marriage gone wrong. Happiness, joy-uncontrollable laughter and love, until one day everything changes; Sadness, depression and discontent. Now im left with the bittersweet taste in my mouth...a nostalgia for the days that were,

the days GOD smiled and drowned me with his blessing. Those days are no more. Those days are as distant as the stars above. A dark cloud hovers over me, ensuring no light, not a ray of hope or happiness brightens my day. When it rains it pours with sorrow and pain, not seen by the happy of heart. The clouds sway, at the will of the wind, who breeze by, with whispers of anguish and restlessness, not felt by those of cheerfulness and delight. The thunder roars fierce and brazened, carrying with it, death, destruction, desperation and depression. This is a reality that most don't see, a reality brought on by the unfairness of life, a reality that so many live through...and unfortunately, so many don't. Its no question, these are truly Dark Days...There is an age old saying, life is what you make it, I tend to believe, you are what life makes you.

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, April 9, 2008

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