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David Sasunsky Mger Return And David Born Branch 3 - Poem by Yuri Starostin

Came to glad Armagan,
Told: «Mger returned! »
Here Armagan — the gate on a bolt
And the doors - on the lock.
Mger come, sees: the gate are locked,
The door is locked, around no a soul.
And Mger told: «What is the reason.
That the door before me is locked,
It is impossible for me to enter into my home? »
And Armagan answered:
«You are not more to me the husband -
Here is the reason in!
You left in Msyr, thrown me,
You are not more to me the husband
And henceforth do not come! »
Mger shouted: «Unlock! »
Armagan answered:
«I give a vow,
That a forty years
You will not concern my bed.
You are to me the brother, you are to me the father!
You gone and lighted the hearth in Msyr,
And you extinguished the hearth in Sasun.
That your sin to expiate,
The forty years we should honor the estrangement.
Only then it is possible for you to enter to me ».
And Mger confused:
«Will be late in a forty years:
Than Msra-melik will grow up ».

He long persuaded the wife.
But she has not given in.

Have informed Ovan on that.
That Mger has returned from Msyr.
Ovan stand up, has come to Armagan,
Speaks: « Daughter-in-law,
Remove from the bed a coverlet black! »
She removed a black coverlet,
Told: «Ovan, you are my elder brother, my father!
Here the deceived Mger has returned by the whore,
Carried away the silver, and has brought the copper.
I can not break the vow! »
- Bride, - Ovan told, -
And we will call the ishhans
And we will call the verdapets.
They will come, will give a forgive! '
Here call on the council the ishhans,
Call on the council the vardapets,
The ishhans come and have interfered in the dispute,
The vardapets have come and have interfered with dispute,
Have told: «Here there is no a great trouble,
Everyone mistaken in the life!
Well - he with the love woman «has revived
And again come home.
On how many years you have vowed? »-
Asked Armagan.
She told: «For the forty years! »
Here the vardapets and the ishhans speak:
«What is to you grieve? We have the law in the arms!
We will consider a forty years for a forty moon,
We will reduce a forty moon to a forty weeks,
We will deduce a forty days instead a weeks,
And we will reduce a forty days till a forty o'clock ».
Here a curve priest cause, told:
«And we will consider this instant for the forty hours! »
And then the vardapet has blest them,
Said: «God yes will absolve your sins!
Go, be the husband and the wife,
And yes the son at you will be born! »
Here Mger has told: « Wife,
The monks tell the truth,
Admit me уеs to you!
Perhaps god will send us the son,
That the Armenian torch has not ashe out ».
And Armagan has opened a door, having told:
«The husband is a head, and the wife -
Foot, obedient to a head!
The wife cannot lock a door before the husband,
I will open a door, you will enter,
We will offend an oath,
Then the son will be born at us,
But we with you will die,
And the child remains the orphan”.
And Mger has told:
«Let god will send to us the son, -
Let he takes Melik for a throat,
And our torch will not ashes out!
And a god carring lamb, believe,
The wild animal will not touch also.
Here we with you live now.
But after all will punch our death hour!
When we will die -
The son will live for us,
And again we will revive in him,
And our family with us will not die! »

And Armagan has answered:
«As you want! All of us break a vow».
And Armagan has admit Mger to her,
Again she became his wife.
The wife has conceived Mger.

Mger stand up, climb the mountain Sasun,
Planted the has-bahchu on the mountain
And found his hall there.
He lodged any birds and any animals, any divine creature
In that garden, has surrounded the garden by the wall.
And he given the name to the garden: Tsovasar.
And he built the fine monastery
From that garden for a two hours of a walking

And named the monastery in the honour of High Marut.
And he has lodged in a monastery
A lot of a blind men and an old men, a poor men and cripples,
And a lot of ailing and weak has sheltered.
Adduce a monks and a priests,
Place there.
He ended the work. Then he descended in Sasun.

And when the ninth month past,
The ninth day, the ninth hour -
The son was born at Armagan.
Named David him and they brought home.
And broken an oath,
Both have died for that: Mger and Armagan.
David rest the orphan.

That day when Mger has died,
Dehsun has given a vow:
She locked behind the seven rooms,
She locked for a seven doors,
She locked in her rest.
She sworn to do not see the sun,
Do not to leave on the light.
Till the time when the child will not grow.
To occupy a place of Mger.

Sasun has plunged into the grief after Mger.
David remained the orphan.

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