Daydreaming Poem by Lawrence Langman


Rating: 5.0

By: Lawrence W. Langman

She looked like an angel when she appeared before my eyes.
Yet she had this other hidden face, she used it as a guise.
She could switch her personalities in an instant, like magic.
Moving her body in ways that could make mortal men, tragic.
She had this fire in her eyes that could burn into your soul.
With just one wave, one smile she could make your body cajole.
She had a side that had horns, red as hot embers in a camp fire.
Yet she could pull you into her every need, wanting to just desire.
She looked like a serpent, with curves all in the right places.
Although she had a heart of gold, her mind had too many faces.
She would lure you in with her soft sweet voice, when she sung.
Soothing were her tones, which came from deep, heart strung.
She had skin as soft as velvet, and smelt like a tropical breeze.
You would remain entranced, as her body enticed with a striptease.
She would have your mind, and your body rapt around her fingers.
Her essence would entice you throughout the day, it always lingers.
She would always wait for your guard to be down, to make her move.
Never bring her home to your parents, your mother would disapprove!
She would enthrall your father, and he'd never ever be the same man.
As she stood in front of the window's light, as her wings spanned.
She has taken greater men down upon their hardened knees.
Never ever cross her, for that fire will ignite if she's displeased.
She will make your world explode, in ways you've never dreamt of.
You will never ever want her to draw you in, as to fall in love.
She shall own your entire body, soul, and mind if you do relent.
Spiraling down into the depths of her mind you come disoriented.
She shall never let you escape her world, her dimension of desires.
Her chains of love are impenetrable, for she is, love's justifier.
She slowly seems to drift away, like a fog floating in a mire.
As the sun's ray brighten, it dissipates the haze as it goes higher.
She has now escaped your reality, as your mind clears and hones.
Yet deep inside you feel your body ache, down inside every bone.
She may have just left your dreams, and for some it wasn't real.
You know down inside your soul, her dimensions been revealed.
She owns you in every way, yet you welcome her sweet embrace.
Until I lay my head down upon my pillow, I'll daydream in my place.

Geeta Radhakrishna Menon 17 November 2021

Heartiest Congratulations for the poem of the day - Poet Lawrence Langman

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Geeta Radhakrishna Menon 17 November 2021

A passionate poem with vivid imagination! Day dreaming - a poem pleasant to read.....10

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