Daniel Reurink

Freshman - 701 Points (August 8,1990 / Lethbridge Alberta Canada)

Deamon - Poem by Daniel Reurink

O nighting gale, everlasting daemon
they wings of essence, and of song
thee eye that see's beyond the reach
links itself to the universes teach
O Dionysus, waves of time
sublime how thoughts roll outline
thee self a'torn a structured being
that Titans wed, begunst was clean
yet Bacchus, o myriad divine
I hold they cause like Prometheus's bind
as I am Apollo, all muses come tither
because I am one divine figure
I now leave, beyond the astral being
were in lands of orbs and figurines
thy faun a'swoon a petty guise
were lie on lie I find the grind
as Orpheus's sings each note through me
I capture all essence by the sea
my words have no excited my pen
from which, who, to last of when
O Cerebus, thyne armored home
deep Tartarus is were fiends roam
yet, Alas! the mockingbird flies
away from reason and love; fruitful demise
to say, per chance, perhaps I will
give peace to Earth, set void, instill
so as I fly now in my prose
we are existential to common goals
the light inside my mind outright
shines bright on fright and negates night
were medium I am, a thoughtful book
that sets, stills, enforces nooks
so as I begin to unfurl
the snake inside only hurls
from my spine below, throughout all
as I call my voice to stand tall
I am writing now in sector seven
were lands of bliss and moments heaven
supply the source of what downloads
as I, am I, in all calls load
slowly, gazing, slowly, pacing
I call upon Neptune, slowly hazing
all disorder and chaos known
as below is above I have now shown
dreams of night, past tales before
as I open love in my own door
the art of lief is this as much
give light to all and feelings touch
as love is blind and reason's urge
to live life in midst of purge
so once ago the god's had sat
and made the mad fit for the hat
all these chosen beings felt the cold
a black-hole bind that is untold
yet light in their own sight they saw
and the law is what makes one gnaw
I feel that those connected people
were beyond the realms of churches and steeples
perhaps I may, I may as might
now reveal to you my inner sight
the simplest way to feel all noise
is to close your eyes and find the toys
that bring self to simple, plain as nothing
gives light the something of everything
these times were breathing is shallow
you hold deep breathes until you wallow
and then, the void puts at rest
all your mind and all your tests
yet the pause, between both realms of Oz
is were you download eternal laws
and Titans, gods, givers of might
give your tranquil time to your insight
so as I now ponder caught
I hope my lessons sporadically taught
you to see the other side
as now the ocean swims in tide

Topic(s) of this poem: rebirth

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