James Vaughn

Death Of A Muse - Poem by James Vaughn

Small spider web cracks appeared in the crystalline pane of my reality as I stared bleakly into the void that was my desires. Exploding, the shards of my existence showered me with the sharp fragments of need. I raised my hands to shield myself from the assault only to find I could not defend myself from the onslaught.

My psyche burned, as if a million hypodermic needles had pierced the resolve. The bitter venom of my discontent coursed through my veins, every beat of my heart a futile attempt to sustain my now sullen shell of a body, the vessel that had failed me repeatedly.

I stood there, the ghoulish spectacle of my desires rose up to mock a broken and withered version of who I once was, this creature possessing no soul, or remorse advanced on me. The ghoul spewed words of dreams broken by the apathy dripping from my dying soul, reducing to ashes the accomplishments I once regaled. I felt the emptiness extinguish the fire of my dreams.

As the specter of my discontent advanced, I could see the twisted, jagged teeth as they dripped with the caustic remains of my beliefs. Running towards the darkness where the abyss of mediocrity spanned before me. I lunged over the edge hanging lifelessly, suspended in the cold, dark air, I felt the hopelessness permeating my thoughts, slowly at first, and then rapidly accelerating I rocketed down.

Escaping the wrath of my ghoul is a hollow victory as I sit locked in the pit surrounded by other individual thoughts locked away in this dank prison of loneliness.

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Poem Submitted: Friday, December 11, 2009

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