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Delusion Ensnares - Poem by Anita Sehgal


She, of voluptuous beauty,
White, full bodied with long, dark tresses.
She, with her kohl lined, deep eyes,
beckons tantalizingly,
through her veil.
Alluring, the master seductress,
Inviting a drink from her full red lips
Honeyed nectar …
Strangely compelling … her beauty.
Like a swarm of maddened bees, men hung over.
With iciness wrapped in seductive charm she entrapped,
Reveling in her power, she then moved on.
Desiring her,
To possess her, men warred.
Launched tens of thousands of ships.

The Lord of the mind

He, Man-ish, whose very name meant the Lord of the Mind.
She, with an obsessive hold on his mind,
Beguiled him.
Besotted with thought of her
And drunk with his own power,

He with his band of five,
as thick as thieves,
launched into pursuit.
Maya deigned to be conquered.
and the Lord of the Mind was now the Lord of the World.

The Joy short lived

Days passed in dalliance and heady lovemaking.
Soon whispers abounded.
Warnings of deceit and betrayal
He smiled ' what do they know of Maya..'
'Jealousy says strange things.'
'She a Whore - beds one today, another on the morrow',
'They await their turn.
Avowed herself to me,.. the powerful and the clever one, is She
Her amorous clutches never shall slacken.'

The Betrayal and Anguish

And then the tide turned as tides are meant to turn.
Maya's magnetism enhanced.
He lost his to Time.
Having amused herself, it was time to move on.
Suffering from intense longing,
In despair and anger,
he called her a witch,
could see no more her bewitching beauty.
Like an elephant maddened, he was beside himself with grief.
And raved and ranted.
'It does not bode well', the wise ones said.
Swung between love and hatred,
he sought revenge.
While the temptress played hide and seek.

A dream

One day he dreamt,
a dream of the wild …
and the very cold froze his heart.
Rivers forgot their boundaries,
ominous darkness abounded,
Intercepted by an awesome show of sound and light.
Streaked with thousand colors of red, ran the blood of all creatures..
Winds howled, warning of great disasters..
Was this pralaya, or the doomsday or Qaayamat?
Seek Maya..and thus shall be your end...
Go seek the one who shall guide you through!
For Maya would grind you under wheels of death!


Haunted, shaken and tortured..
..A prayer to the very heavens …
to The eternal One, Shiva,
for the potion to rest his weary heart.
All HE said was reach the Hamsa (magical swan) ,
who shall transport you to the realms of Maya and beyond.
Far across high peaks and deep valleys,
he came upon a sage,
' An opposing feminine power is the only match for Maya'.
'Shakti is the one to carry you.
Like a serpent coiled,
she lies asleep…
since eons in the deep dark caves . '
Like a man possessed, he now prayed at the doorstep of Shakti.


Shakti, since eternity lay sleeping
in the subterranean regions.
Unaware, unawakened.
Slowly, she uncoiled,
arousing from her slumber.
The eternal primordial sounds reverberated
from all the conch shells in the oceans.
Finally, the time had come for her to begin the journey.

The journey to the seventh heaven

Over uneven mountains and turbulent turbid lakes,
Where the buds of lotuses sprang forth.
'Leave your five warriors behind, ' Shakti said,
'Where I take you, they are of no help.'
But they clung to Manish.
'They come at their own peril', she said.
Shakti, slithered and slipped and slowly moved through the fiercesome fires in
the rugged mountain peaks.
Quenched her thirst on the poison of the lakes.
Once cleansed,
A touch of Shakti and the lotuses bloomed one by one.
While the warriors perished..
A kaleidoscopic range of colors., moving in and out in circles,
Manish riding Shakti,
plucked the jewel treasures within the lotuses.
Finally, it traversed to the seventh heaven-
- where a thousand petalled lotus was in full bloom.

Hamsa (The SWAN)

Nestled there a hamsa, soft and white and pure..
shining like crystal.
Stirred with the touch of Shakti.
Feeling caged and bound it thrashed around..
but had never sought to test its wings.
Ah! to savour the winds in the open sky.
To Hamsa she said, 'you were ever free.Fly! '
Tentatively, he stretched
and lo and behold! the very winds beneath the wings lifted the Hamsa.
It circled and saw and felt the freedom of the skies.
The Hamsa took Manish along and the direction was up.


A great peace descended on Manish..
… as the golden rays beckoned him.
Warmed to the core with the eternal love of the BEING …
He saw HIM- Shiva united with Shakti, in an eternal dance.
He at once remembered that this was HOME.
It was from here that life began and this was his final destination.
The very Gods and angels in all the heavens
rejoiced to bless the homecoming.
Then Manish met Maya in her own realm.
And she fell at his feet ….
but surprisingly he did not want her anymore.
Wondered why?
This journey had all begun with her, for her.
But she mattered no more.
' My Lord! I was always yours to have as you pleased and as you needed.
Only you did not know how to keep me.
I cannot be confined.
Few know my secret.
I shall always remain a faithful slave.
Unlike your name, you were not the master of your mind.
and you sought to make me your Master. '
Freed of the desire to possess, he felt rested like he never had done before.

It is allegorical tale.
• Band of five: Lust (Kaam) , Anger (Krodh) , Greed (Lobh) , Attachment (Moh) and Ego (Ahankar) , all the constant companions of the mind

• Fiercesome Fires: Shakti, The Divine energy, the Mother Goddess, the creativity principle. This energy alternates period of motion and rest. If not awakened properly or not guided by a Guru, can cause great turmoil and agony to the aspirant.

• Hamsa: Literal meaning Swan, symbolic of Soul
• Jewels: The journey of the Divine energy or Shakti through the different chakras results in opening different layers of mind and mystical experiences.
• Maya: Illusionary power of creation, behind which lies the Power of Desire.
• Man-Ish: Man- the mind and Ish - the Lord or the one who is the Lord of his Mind
• Mountains: The Vertebral Column. Shakti flows through the Sushamana Nadi in the spinal canal, through the chakras and connects the base chakra to the crown chakra. Nadis said to carry the life flow energy. The soul is freed only when the energy reaches the Crown chakra.
• Pralaya: End of creation as mentioned in various Hindu scriptures / Qayamat as mentioned in Quran.
• Lakes: Symbolising the seven main chakras- Muldhara: situated at the base of the spine, Savadhistana: situated below the genital organ, Manipura: situated at the naval, Anahata: situated at the heart region, Vishuddha: situated at the base of the throat, Ajna: situated between the eyebrows, Sahasrara: The seventh chakra, situated at the top of the head or the Crown Chakra. Chakras are the power centres associated with the subtle body of man.
• Lotus: yog nadis- Symbolic of the opening of the chakras through which the aspirant is exposed to various mystical experiences.
• Seventh Heaven: Symbolic of the seventh chakra-Sahasrara-, also known as the thousand petalled one, located at the top of the head. Also called crown chakra.
• Shiva: The Eternal One, The Supreme Being
• Shakti: The primordial energy which lies at the base of the spine, the power of which once awakened can carry the soul to the divine. It flows from the base of the spine i.e. from the Muladhara Chakra to Sahasrara Chakra at the top of the head; to unite with the Supreme Soul -Shiva. Also known as the serpent power or Kundalini which lies coiled at the base of the spine. The power of the divine energy is hidden by the cloak of desires which cloud the mind.
The Kundalini Shakti or the primordial feminine energy when rises to the crown chakra merges with the eternal source of energy, Shiva, the aspirant experiences infinite bliss and peace. As opposed to Shiva, the eternal changeless one, Shakti, is the divine, feminine, creative principle referring to the changing manifested phenomenon.
• Veil: The truth of Maya is hidden, it is only partially known

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  • (10/29/2012 3:22:00 AM)

    in the dark chambers
    of the inner being
    lie coils and coils
    of maya, alluring
    and ensnaring
    we wait for that
    streak of fleeting light
    to illumine the chamber
    and free us from the
    enchanting net of maya...

    a captivating read, anita ji!
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  • (10/29/2012 3:17:00 AM)

    an engrossing read...! ! ! ! (Report) Reply

  • (10/24/2012 9:03:00 AM)

    gems of core philosophy, , so intensely and so comprehensively poetical, , , , thanx, , (Report) Reply

  • Valsa George (10/15/2012 5:02:00 AM)

    Beautiful poem so comprehensive and allegorical describing how 'maya' is subjugated by 'sakthi' and the ultimate freedom from all kinds of tangles! ! Great! ! (Report) Reply

  • Allemagne Roßmann (9/8/2012 12:07:00 PM)

    Missiles of inspiration creatin and achieving a milestone here (Report) Reply

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