Alexandra Blisse

Depression, Kills. - Poem by Alexandra Blisse

a cold icy hole in the middle of a large bed of ice acrossed a lake, wide as the horizon.

in the middle, down this deep blackend hole, shown a girl frozen in a position of pain.

no blood runs through her veins where it once had roamed warm and healthy.

i was born prepared to be dissapointed.

living is just a waste of death; were the last lyrics through her now blue lips.

her exsistance- 'quote the raven 'never more''

her life- 'quote the raven 'never more''

her dreams- 'quote the raven 'never more''

her love- 'quote the raven 'never more''

her wisdom- 'quote the raven 'never more''

her inner being- 'quote the raven 'never more''

before you put yourself first, think of those around you; those who may hurt you, those who overcome you, those lesser then you, those who think you dont know they exsist; they're crying inside.

there is no one true happieness, but we all still stride to find it.

some will give up

some will give out

and some have that right taken from them

who did you hurt today?

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, April 16, 2008

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