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Dexanalysis - Poem by Dexsta Ray

I like the Overworld
Closer, pearls gleaming, the Gates
Estates, Kingdom, freedom, modes unfurling
Seasons awake, the regions
See, the dirt, I never kneaded
I just speak appearance
Of the devil's work, no appeasing, lest it eats me up
Biased thinking, lying, pious, terms defacing, on the deep end (Not I)
Nets to feed me drugs, and beat me up... (Nay)
I'm on a leash of strings that keep deceit and scheming tough
Leaving trust in shadows
Thus, confirming reasons why...
It seems like I had reach the end of caves
To open expanses
The air is cool
Still it didn't change these odes of disaster
For the conspirators be mighty (God is bigger)
Well learned about the physic psyche
Spiritually I'm firm though
That Light's still
The line descended from the Holy One, that strike in the mind
A plight to find another figure like me...
I continue writing, envision lightning, Christ considereth my deliverance sightly
What I can't attain on earth
I feel inside when Scripture guides me...
So I stay immersed in truth, shaking curses too, can turn anew
The love of God, if persecution burdens you
Human trafficking
Atrocious, youths being drafted in, and actually kids, closer than believed
Raised for trades and sex sins (gaslighting holds no power)
Less than, I never been, nor have I betrayed, I'm just aware of when, my path was slayed
Who had involvement in it
And I stand away, not saying a thing
Because forgiveness happens
That won't change the nature of it though
Expanded faith has prospered...
Even think that it's a weakness, I don't eat these games
Take me while I'm sleeping, try to breed me, so my seeds enchained...
And even cheesing while I'm grieving
Things to be explained
Meaning what I'm speaking
I was being what I'm preaching
The theme of night, with a roll cloud, proceeding Christ
The dreamers of the earth know now
Slow down for naught...
Dream eaters and
Street theatre, threaten some relation, the controllers stage for hatred
Sheep arranged for danger
Indirectly responding to what I write in private
Publically, it's fun to me, since nothing's free, the mind is equal...
Seldom victim, devils in them
Stuff unnecessary, but whatever else, such ain't even, for a second, scary
Blessings tarry, destined, spiritually, they can't perceive
But even if it's possible
The obstacles are small to God
Defeat, not logical, the prodigal, atomical, I'm promised demon pressure, I can feel
I ain't stopping though...
I predict, it get unto the point where truth's ignored
Even if expressed with no dispute
It's like, 'What? Who's aboard? '
'Your fuse is short.' But don't care, and I refuse to score
The forms of carnal constructs, nowhere, is where the nuisance going
Just illusions, scorning substance
Fruits that use the function, something else
That comers ain't knew
I watched them staying silent...
'Til the plan rise like Sanballat, ain't a reason
And it's not, I need a lawyer
Got soon
But it's spirit war, wicked men are loyal to what drags them to hell
And twisted wisdom, not to get familiar with, or it'd be over for you, smolder, smoke
And other things
Promise rings, below the mortals, failure to repent, withheld against, but that don't limit Thee...
Won't inhibit me, diminished schemes
Either health or death, God' deliver His from bitter ends, the wicked kill
Harassing God's anointed even knowing that it is
Then try to talk respect, but isn't showing to souls what that is
Unless they're clothed in the sin, with their goals in the wind
That way it's easy to impose and to compose what they're seeing...
I have no sympathy for what's conditioning and digging into me
And giving up and feeling low is never going to happen
Suicide, the motivations of the enmity, dismissing me
I'm forever on the Master's roster...
I'm a lesson
Foolish to provoke somebody if you have a lot in question...
And, Father, make it worst!
Stir up ever spot they rest in
Switch it from this demon net into a lot like Simon Says is...
God can give it, God can take it
Sinners have it coming, it can get it, got it, still condemned since when the Lord had passed...
Insufficient folly, hit with any more, I'll crack
The incidents, contritions, hobbies, sorrys, hidden floors with traps...
When enforcing facts
Consistent with some forms of pacts
Sent to kill a firstborn and then revealed as more than that...
This, which wasn't my fault, specific doors were
Quickening within to the thunder as it absorbs the maps...
There ain't nothing else to run to
I trust in God, mama, know I got my loving steps from you
So I'm humble when it comes to
I shun doom
God's the One Who presence checks the tests and stuff to come through...
If He sees where it can bless, He has a method to it
Chances are, my livelihood, will prosper
Optimistic vision, thinking like I'm rich
Even though not in physic, was told, that sleep is for the rich
Well, I glisten in spirit treasure, devoid of measure
Minutes be elusive
Energy's conducive...
I feed the positive, the negative ain't even
Every moment and hour for every month of years... still indefinite
Evil can't drain the chose forever...
Souls, the devil, Jezebel, on a throne of fetters
Act as if it's notable, wrecking sails, of the Master's vessel...
Stolen, stolen symphonies and pages reversed
Or just some flipping scenes
Inspired by the Light, I feel the Spirit breathe...
The mirror's clean
Fire in the eyes, as soon as Scripture leads, the picture freeze
And even if they killed me, still, the wicked bleed
There's a difference between love and just being curious
To clearly see the mean stuff
And that means stuff...
The reach expands to numerous nations, the campaigners'd follow, I'm not enthralled with it
But, in my past age, was hollow, wallowed in a bad way, confused
At happen-ings...
Everything around was crashing, collapsing...
I figured, there I was, and my lamp's pit in good!
I need to camp or something
Just for peace
Hate laughed in woods
My life has been a testimony
Message growing
God increases hope, I see the yokes
And squeeze them out, I'm focus, not a string of doubt, I ink it out
Hate don't have to care because I do
About the dream, about the theme, plus, believe Yawh' about my needs, and wings
It seems as if I'm looketh down upon, which maketh no sense
Satan's team need to stay away from me... don't know me like that
I'm rolling like that, operate in wholeness
Light, representing heaven, blessed and present, it's availability, that matter most
I see the latern on
In faith, unveiling things, what they really mean

I like the Overworld


Topic(s) of this poem: spiritual, truth

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