Saturday, November 19, 2016

Die Briten Comments

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Man nehme ein paar Pikten, Kelten und Siluren
Und lass sie sich niederlassen,
Dann von römische Eroberern überwätigen.


Wolfgang Steinmann
James Mclain 20 November 2016

Take a few Picts, Celts and Silurians And let them settle down, Then, by Roman conquerors. Take the Romans away after about 400 years Add a lot of French Normans And mix them thoroughly with angling, Saxons, Jute and Vicking. Give a little Chile heat, Jamaica-Cool, Dominika, Trinidad and Baja, also a few Ethiopians, Chinese, Vietnamese and Sudanese. Take a mixture of Somalis, Sri Lankas, Nigerians And Pakistanis, A pinch of Guyana And bring the mixture to the boil. Seasoning with fresh Indians, malays, Bosnians, Iraqis and Bangladeshis, together with some Afghans, Spaniards, Turks, Kurds, Japanese And Palaceinensern And stir the mixture. Bring everything to the boil. If everything is a thick mass, let their languages ??thrive And hold her together with English. Over time, everything is cool. Give unity, understanding and respect for the future. Thus the judgment becomes just Enojy your meal. Note: All ingredients are equally important. If an ingredient is preferred, another will leave a bitter flavor. Warning: Uneven distribution of justice will harm people and cause pain. Give equal rights and equality to all.

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