Died Twice Lived Once-Je Suis Malade

Lightning flashes outside
Beethoven on his deathbed
Candle smell in the room
Raising his fist in the air..
"Applause folks, the comedy is over.."
His last words..

While lightning flashes with these words in me,
If I could say goodbye..
I died twice, lived once
While the lightning is divorced like a spring,
If it hits me maybe it will get smarter,
I would be the most indifferent person in the world.

The music in me and the universe
It prevents my heart from being a silent grave
Susan neurons my grave
My white is black if it turns out
Have you ever held the sheet shaking the mulberry?
We used it from every corner.
Like I got drunk without drinking
We would find joy with the jumping of the mulberries
No mulberry tree
On the sheet where we keep the mulberries,
The people holding the chador are gone one by one

No mulberry trees..
We learned that extinction is not a word.
Me and my friend grown
We are middle age.
We grew up and learned to be sick
Left foot on the outer lateral part of my knee
The personality disorders of the birthmark didn't make me sick.


Unfortunately, horses do not rule the world.
There are no horses eating people, there are people eating horses.
We fed the horses.
We gave them a barn..
We made a race horse,
Our wealthy people bought horses and paintings.
Yes we loved
We hit him when he broke his foot.
We could not give a single thing for horses.
Freedom to horses
Horses are noble and free-spirited animals.
We took your free spirit away
Free spirits of the world contaminated with money
Love kindness and decency humility was forgotten.
Shooting horses. Our legs are broken

Horses sleep even standing up.
Horses and trees must die standing still
Maybe the fate of the world and the horses are the same.
There is no love, no struggle to save.
He lost his soul with the horses

Like in Dalida's song..
Yes, I am sick and my soul is injured..
While shooting a horse, we're like a steward who can't stop its owner
Although I was crying blood, we watched the horses being shot.
Yes I am sick, there is too much pain.
To save my soul
I risked being sick.

Being sick is my lost vacation

We are no different from horses.
It says historical old english folk song
Man and woman planting land
There was no master
Don't shake your toy train to waste
We run out of battery, our souls are exhausted
How did we live in a coffin with the masters, to his rotting flesh and dying skin
We have consented.

Owners of property to protect their wealth
They built such walls
The eyes of 68 and 78 youth were burning with ember fire
They saw us like it, flies on the wall.
They used tanks to crush the fly.
Yes, I am sick, There is not that dead fire-eyed youth.
Horses and the world have the same destiny..

How far is this exploitation lie.
Youth class working class that's where the place is
Don't be content with the words that we couldn't find you at home like a courier
Let the world burn from the ember in your eyes

Yes i am sick
At the root of the problems
We are not even crazy.
We get along too smart.
Lying in the cemetery of the orphans
Is it my lifeless body.
My country and my wounded faces of the world
We sleep together in the cemetery of the orphans.
The dead who do not know that they are sick,
I know that I am sick.
This pain is like a thousand years
I'm sick like a harpoon
My burden is heavy like an atlas with the world on top
I couldn't die like Prometheus
Eagle eats my lungs every day
Of executed prisoner
As the bruises on your neck
I was condemned to drink the poison in my glass and I am sick.

If we were so drunk
If we forget our pain
Fill it up, meyhaneci
Don't put two glasses for me and my friend
Put ten glasses
Our sorrows ceased to fit in glasses.
After all, there are two sick men in front of you.

Yes I am sick..
If I want to tell about death..
Are you going out of the house
Or are you pretending to be out

Yes i got sick
I died twice, lived once.
I was born twice once lived
What actually moves my facial muscles
Is a smile and sadness
I'm sick cocktail my mind apparatus
Like snowing in August
Trees don't need people
People need trees

The best is to leave the world to the trees and walk away.
In 1988,
The night connecting July 28 to July 29
I went to death before death came to me.

Like wine pouring on the table
I was in a coma for 24 hours.
I have no myself, no pain and no feeling
There is a gap between sleep and death.
Not in account, ..
What i forgot
How strong a warrior my brain is.
I'm back.
Did I chase death? Death stopped chasing me.
Either way could be true

Descending the stairs in the dark
In the deadly light of your flashlight
The stars blink like street lamps.
I'm back.
I don't have the promised land.
There is no heaven and hell.
There are no scriptures.
Like an established clock
Waking up in the morning, home and outdoors in the evening, equating body language with mind language
Before the body is lost
Live clothing objects made of stripping..

Think again and again
Is it your life that looks like our own life..?
Have you never left a piece of your flesh to the glass shards trying to become steel, when you can go to a mountain by putting the stars in your pockets... Alas, this body eats, sleeps, gets sick and dies..

The extraordinary things are getting ordinary
I imagine ordinary people behaving extraordinarily, feeling is different
People shouldn't be afraid of robots
They live a life programmed like robots. Like doomed to success.. I'm afraid
He will not be contented with his own robotics and will advise android robots. Take another look in the mirror.


You forget your pain with your body
What about the pains in your brain..
Doesn't forget, won't forget you for a moment
Mirror.. Mirrors
I looked in the mirror and had no face.
I looked in a mirror and at the razor blade
I saw the razor blade. Hello prosoagnosik

-Mimics to myself, the expression of the lines was crowded. Just like orthopedic doctor's eye on my hip
on me
- "I wasn't using my right side."
Take it

Attention perception like memory..
Have you played hide and seek for your symbolic functions..?
When my reading and writing skills are affected..
Talented like the poet birthmark is not born. but the poet dies
When people's faces are alike like sheep.
Fortunately, a sheep did not ask me to account.
When my brain struggles not to forget
-"I'm drunk. "
On every face and objects I look at..
When I see colors
Like rich boys to use LSD
I haven't paid a ton of money..or
Cartoon smurfs among us
I got sick, died twice once lived
. This is how I take my revenge now.
Either he would mop me or I
By mopping an important event unimportant and making it ordinary.
I am among you...
Fight for your brain. Taking things from death with poetry
Without destruction or destruction
What a blue full moon
Why did I become a werewolf?
Do you know what is the best end?
It means not having enough time to scream.
Ordinary dies with the body and lives with the mind.
Ordinaryness exists, does not live
He has a calendar born dies
There is between the two. To live is to feel to feel.
Think people think
Your installments, expenses, bills
Think about it is not a crime against humanity to think about it. But thoughts rising like balloons
Don't be indifferent.
When the mind comes to your mind.
Let Fernando Pessoa, the brain that never sleeps, come
When Fernando Pessoa comes to mind
Drinking in Napoleon's mausoleum
The drunk old man is coming
Buried with Napoleon bones, drunkard
In the coat of ordinary pain
Drinking with his body..
Pessoa whose body died,25 thousand pages came out of the chest. Will die in drunken and buried
His mind will disappear like his body

Many bodies, cities disappeared
Time will turn like a carousel
There are centuries that many folk tribes
Their language no longer exists today
Atlantis written his words and disappeared
Written texts are the mind in the hearts of nations
Nations without poets, writers
It's a rocky sea without beaches
To my damn disappearance
Damn existence
Poverty and suffering
The two most complement each other
Poverty increases suffering. He recognizes his pain and tries to change it. struggle family and
It is limited to itself
Poverty cheers up and gets sad with its environment. It experiences some of the pain. Not all.
What about thinkers, poets, the world of literature
What are your pains.
Ordinary one and two glasses
Postpones his pain to the next day
Those who are condemned to suffering by thinking
In the torture and dungeons of the mind
In the beverage bottles
If the cigarette smoke in your brain is relieved.. Your brain always sleep in a silent sleep..

The soul of this world
I felt their pain most of all.
Feel to feel
it was cigarette smoke, fog in my brain...
Ordinaryness is the burden of all the pain in the world
Load alone z.
I saw the pain of someone most of all.

The vague sorrows of the universe
Someone who lives before it has lived
Artificial with windows of a city that never sleeps
We did not walk on the light-filled main street. Conversely in the back streets of the city
In the Darkness of long range street lamps, ..
We found each other on the sidewalks of pain.
Before it is destroyed and destroyed.

I went to him from the other sidewalk.
The room came to me.
We are in the middle of the street.
We healed each other's pain and wounds. We understood each other..
The universe heals its wounds
I have you, you have me.

We both loved tobacco, even if tobacco doesn't love us
We both liked poems, even if they don't like poems
We both loved our pain, even if the pains don't love us
We loved wine, even if wine doesn't like us.
We loved the universe, even if the universe doesn't love us

Death is a privilege for life.
Life is a privilege for death
I wanted to have two of these privileges. Without diminishing the struggle in me... "
They are the closest people to live. "
Disease wilder death what do you think of me. Don't worry, my body has been yours since the day I was born
My job is difficult, i am sick
My relentless illness, your job is harder than me
I stayed in love
The universe is my sparkling joy
I have friends, family who love me
I do not enlighten, I have roots
There are poems connected with this world.
Europe has seen 30 years of wars, I have more... look who lost

It was cigarette smoke, the fog in my brain
Creeping very slowly
My relentless illness
So slowly seize my neurons
Everything is recorded, my pain is recorded
Everyone must have a song
I'm recording my song in the sound room.
I want my mind to play non-stop like a violinist
When the world stops I feel like the world will stop
Before it's destroyed and destroyed
I am sick, died twice, lived once. I am back and between you
I died twice, lived once.
With lights away from the shore
Rising like a horse, I'm a rickety ship that sinks in dark blue waters.
before it is done.. Je suis malade

As the sea goes to the bottom where the grass is
I loved your indifference of jellyfish and fish..

My dearest friend, my friend, we find each other in the maze in the universe
"Fishes my friend, unaware of the earth, the mountains, the universe, the fire, the air,
Look what came to my mind,
Just as a fish is out of breath when it comes to land, I become like that fish when it reaches the levels of thought, understanding and feeling.
I wish I didn't hunt
I wish I wasn't involved
In my own depth
In my own state
Released in forgetful and clear waters
If I live like a fish.
Who wouldn't want that… "

Your words are like a knife chipping diamond.
I couldn't manage to die twice
To live in you..

To be indifferent to pain for a moment
Like jellyfish and fish
We wanted to remain indifferent.
They will shoot the horses.
it doesn't have to be that way.
There is an anomaly, a rule without rules

Buddy friend..
We must die standing like horses and trees.
Just as it is against the nature of horses to lie down
When we both stop thinking, then we die
The stars of poetry within us shine like diamonds on the universe woman's neck.
I know that..
No thief will have those gems
While the music is playing and the lightning is previewing
Although horses and humans aren't born free
Until I break the chains in the steppe
There is no death to us at sea.
Sparkling waves don't wait in vain
The most innocent tears are tears of pain.
The winged horse Pegasus really does not exist.
In the world of lies and masters
Let the innocence remain like a fairy tale
This innocence never made me sick

6 October 2020

To the birthday boy..
You are both in my mind and in my heart
If they take someone from me, one will stay
I am writing from the temple of deep pain
I know your thoughts about the birthday. That it doesn't matter to you.
It's familiar to me, even if it doesn't give you a familiar look
While running from the rule, you became the norm
Even though birthdays are not different from other days... Birthdays are a short moment like a lightning bolt that lights up for a moment. What are birthdays for me. Take care of your privileges
My losses... that we only had a short time flashing like lightning
Even if it's not brotherly with my losses
To teach me to live. To get up on your own when I fall
In between I let the lightning flash on his birthdays. So where is the birthday candle flames
Candle flames are low and dim come to our love The best is the warm hearts of loved ones
Let's magnify the flames with love..
Happy Birthday

Died Twice Lived Once-Je Suis Malade