Dexsta Ray

Gold Star - 12,888 Points (March 8,1994 -)

Different Culture - Poem by Dexsta Ray

No signatures, float, and no enclosure
Or the limited
Exposing order, menacing
Of many kingdoms that distort the motive
It ain't to enforce a code of showing the hidden
Conditions, this plight is for Jehovah
Growing his Christians
To witness
Different culture
Cults are fallen, false knowledge dropped, spiritually a snitch
Faults beginning, cost to following God
Among the missions
Borrowing time…
For we'll be gone before long
The most important thing with following signs is knowing when you're wrong
The devil claims he don't exist
If you expose him
Like the Bible did, the door will not be closed
Even though he still will try the kids
To step away from culture 'til it's over
Proof that you can be
Not considered traitors, by the Lord but a newer breed
You'll probably still be hated for it by the human beings
Just until they notice what was did
Jesus hung and bled
So condemnation doesn't get His kids
Unless it's from the dead…
Nothing said we had to follow in tradition, there's some children
Wanting more than the position they were given
Nothing wrong with hope to soar
First begins with believing
And keep in front of you the course and hold that
Mission and reason
With no intentions to grieve us
But some recycle plants require glass
Chipped and un-seeming
Just to reshift
And give another make and form
This is our culture, what's accepted's what will be accepted
If it don't change… let us see what we can bring to help it
Unlike a vulture, we just want to keep the breathing, well
It won't be taking long before the end and
We can't even tell it…
The last thing to try to fix is what's inside the bubble
The only thing you can control is what's outside the jungle
'Cause every soldier in the Light
Must had survived a
Satan trying to end me on the ride but I confide above him
I ain't in the same culture
Not to criticize it
Not referring to the art or the men inside it
I'm referring to the smarts
'Cause it's been
Turn towards the Church, not the dark, if we're really climbing
Satan's hold is on the hearts, re-exposing scars
Of the lost and misbegotten
Trying to keep their
Souls in shards, trying to listen to society, I broke apart
Now I'm back together
I ain't trying to see that low a dark
I'm in a different
One that is consistent with the hope and will, Jehovah Jireh
Rose to heal, I know the deal, on the sieve…
Be the wheat and the tare
And we can speak at anytime if bleeding deep in the lair…
The false values, crossing sin, truth oppressed with the Light
The dross raffled, calling snitch, just to oppress who survive
It ain't the case
But just a fix, trying to get the mission end
Unaware that it ain't from us
But the one from Whom we're sent, a different culture
Something other than the motions of the
And we're focused, on above, try returning to our births

No, it's not about what we can see
The perpetual things are the unseen

Topic(s) of this poem: society, truth

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