Dark Vix

Difficult Proposition - Poem by Dark Vix

A girl called K, invited me today
Her house is the only place that we can stay,
Together, staring at each others eyes,
Having some nervous laughs while I realise,
I really wanted to kiss her but how do i do it? ,
Does it come naturally that’s the scary bit,
What if she rejects me and pushes me away,
Will everything ever be normal after that, I dare say!
As I strain my mind to think very hard
The only thing that comes to my mind is a google search.
She looks at me with her face flushed red,
Being dense, I wondered if she was sick,
I didn’t know at the time how to read the moment,
That’s why I uttered such a silly statement,
I mustered up my courage and finally asked,
Can I kiss you? And she laughed
Then looked at me straight in the eyes
And said ok with her lips slightly apart.
I licked my lips and approached her awkwardly,
She positioned herself comfortably,
As my face approached her, I was mesmerized.
Can someone be this beautiful I was paralyzed
I gasped, Good Lord! Is it real?
Her face was so stunning; this chance is a steal,
Her eyes glittered like a cats and she smelled so addictive,
Time stopped, as I scanned her face like a detective,
I asked her worriedly “Is it okay now? ”
“Just fucking kiss me its about time! ” somehow
I quickly closed my eyes and locked lips,
I lost all my strength for several minutes
Savouring the moment a though came across my mind
What if she felt conflicted with the ex that she left behind
I backed away red in the face,
What if I went overboard straight to third base?
Then I got greedy and asked her once more,
“Can I kiss you, princess? ” I was very nervous for sure!
This time her reply was different,
“I don’t care” is how she answered my question
I pondered if my request was a difficult proposition.

Poet's Notes about The Poem

I wrote this story based on the experiences of my life.

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