Danielle Pongi

Do You Remember? - Poem by Danielle Pongi

Do you remember how you got so cold,
But you had no one to hold.
Do you remember your first swings,
And you wished you had wings.
Do you remember your first fight,
It was all because you were right.
When you gave them a fright,
And they turned on you like might.

Do you remember how you cried,
When he found a better bride,
Just let me tell you what,
He was just a dirty little twat.

Do you remember your first kiss,
The one you've always missed,
That one, you thought was treasure,
But as it turned out
It was just your guilty pleasure.

Do you remember your first dacnce,
When you gave me another chance.
You felt like you were in heaven,
But when reality stroked, you were taken.

Do you remember your first song,
You got lost in it & sung along.
I said you were flat,
But then, I was just being a bitchy brat.

Do you remember how you got suspicious,
But it was just cos you got curious.
'Bout something I've never known.
But then it got blown,
Hidden in a crown.
Never to be found.

Do you remember how you tried to fit in, but couldn't.
All because you were too thin, & wouldn't.
Do you remember when you got mad,
And made everyone sad
Then everything turned bad.
You then, turned happy.
Like a bird, but chipry.
Annoying, but it was better.
But then you grew fatter.

Do you remember how we swore in the man above's name.
That we wouldn't let this friendship be a game.
Do you remember that day,
When you turned your back and walked away.
Now thats happened,
I'm just gonna ask you a question,
Answer it and i'll go,

Do You Remember?

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, August 8, 2010

Poem Edited: Friday, May 20, 2011

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