Charlie Parant

Dollar Store Poems - Poem by Charlie Parant

not every poem is elegant
not every one’s a gem
may not even be relevant
but how can I condemn

if words are weak
or meter’s wrong
in crazy speak
it drags along

is poetry just for the rich
to read and pick apart and bitch
or is it also for us fools
who never went to high-priced schools

nor learned the rules made way back when
by so called educated men
men you’d think could have done better
than to start a word with a silent letter

are the thoughts less viable
’cuz the words are unreliable
is the message we are selling
watered down because of spelling

will it affect my disposition
to end a sentence with a preposition
I think that I’m okay with that
but wondering where you all are at

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, December 10, 2011

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