Grant Thomas

Don'T Blink - Poem by Grant Thomas

Your first breath
your first step
your first words
your first love
your first fight
your first broken heart
and don't forget
your first job
that small check
by sunday morning the money's all spent.
Remember the first freedom from your parents
remember always being late with the damn rent
remember all the friends around you...
but don't forget when it was just me and you
don't remember me? ...
look in the nearest mirror
you'll see....
one moment you're a young man....
you've got the world by the 'short and curlies'
you have best friends that would take bullets for you
and you for them.
you're the stuff of local legend....
the life of the party
then....the largest fingers in the universe snap
- - without the slightest sound...
and now here you are
the same
yet changed.
Not all of those friends are there anymore
but you're not really there for them either
and you're not sure if you even care...
yet still you feel a certain void
and you often wonder if they do too.
You have your whole life to look forward to
but you realize
time really does fly by like all the 'grown-ups' used to say.
... you have a great lust for life.....
but like everyone else you can't fully understand the strange slow quickness of it all.....
so you decide not to let one more precious moment pass you by
then you look into the nearest mirror
and mouth two words of advice.....

.......''Don't Blink.''

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, April 25, 2010

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