Leonid Gonzalez

Rookie (05/06/1977 / Laredo, Tx)

Doors - Poem by Leonid Gonzalez

In your golden age, you lose your self for things that can not be yours
The man in white whispers in your ear, 'A small price to pay for something that you don't use... anyway' and shows you many doors
They all slowly creek open and you look about for more

'take your pick' as the man in white slowly waves his ivory stick
You look through the first door and see riches piled thick
You look back at the man in white and smile a greedy smile
Your greed starts to froth at your mouth and you spit out the bile

Through many doors you look and upon one you cut your hand
The sight of your blood makes you realize the cost at hand
The man in white eerily steps in with a handkerchief at hand
Your blood stains the handkerchief and the man in white laughs
Like he's gone mad

Crimson letters, upon the ivory white cloth do they appear
You feel the cold breath of the man in white as he approaches near
'a deal is a deal' as he snatches away the stained cloth from behind
The man In white smiles 'now pick a door, don't be sore, and I don't
Want to hear you whine'

You look around and turn your head down in fear and regret
And who in the hell is the man in white who you just met
This and many other things does your mind ponder
You give up in defeat you look up from your feet how many
Doors is there 'I wonder'

The man in white smacks his cracked lips in disgust ' millionsss! '
'but only one for you, to bad all that is left is punishment in aeon's
for you'
He professed with a crooked jagged smile as he read your mind.
Tapping his feet horridly 'hurry up you are almost out of time'

'there is only one door for me, which one I pick you'll have to wait and see' you look to the left and to the right but only see the man in white
He reads your mind once more and shows you a door 'this one am I right' as he smiles with delight

The beginning of your life, you step through and close the door behind.
A pale dirty hoof gets in the way as you hear him say 'your soul is still mine'

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