Friday, January 3, 2003

Down Home Comments

Rating: 2.7

Down home to-night the moonshine falls
Across a hill with daisies pied,
The pear tree by the garden gate
Beckons with white arms like a bride.


Lucy Maud Montgomery
Manonton Dalan 06 December 2015

this could be end of journey...sweet sleep

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John Richter 25 February 2015

Anne of Greene Gables was my very first classic read at age nine, too, Kim, and was fascinating to envision the lives of Lucy's characters.... And I agree with you about this poem as well. It is sweet, but nothing like her story telling....

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Kim Barney 25 February 2015

Her poetry is good, but not as good as her books. As a child I loved her book THE GOLDEN ROAD and all the girls in town loved ANNE OF GREEN GABLES and the other books in that series. One of my favorites parts of THE GOLDEN ROAD was a line that went something like this: My uncle felt all right when he went to bed, but when he woke up he was dead. That has influenced my sense of humor ever since.

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