Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Down The Rabbit Hole Of Mathematical Uncertainty Comments

Rating: 5.0

Down the rabbit hole
We go and go,
Following infinite
Decimal rows


Alexander Shaumyan
M S 21 December 2006

this one reminded me of Brodsky for some reason.

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Austen Bradford 12 December 2006

This is absolutely wonderful! I wish I were better at math, but I dont think love is a very difficult equation when both digits are right

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Someone Else 12 December 2006

You can count on me and figure that this adds up to a de finite ten with zero flaws in one entire piece that covers all the angles etc -a wonderful sense of humor replete with constant allusions to familiar terms

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Sue Ann Simar 12 December 2006

the third stanza sounds somewhat awkward and slows the poem down, but this was a fun read and I enjoyed falling into the rabbit hole.

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