Gordon Jerome

Dreamer - Poem by Gordon Jerome

As I lay staring at the sky
Watching clouds float on by
A fairy flutters ever so near
And whispers softly into my ear
Her stories speak of happier times
Of days forgotten except by rhymes
When unicorns roamed across this land
And sunsets never appeared more grand
Where elfs and fairies danced all night
To see this all must have been a sight
As her stories within me deeper seep
I am taken there as I dream asleep
I view the unicorns prancing along
Bewitched it seems by an elfen song
Lovely fairies flutter here and there
Floating along on but a breath of air
Theres seven dwarfs on their merry way
Off to the mine where they'll spend all day
And chasing a rabbit I spy a girl named alice
She must have come from that snow white palace
There in the distance a girl all in red
Next to a woodsman and a wolf laying dead
And see hansel and grettle asking directions
At that gingerbread house made of confections
There in the bushes is a whole herd of sheep
Snickering and hiding from little bo peep
I awake refreshed as the dream fades away
Ready to face the perils of my hectic day.
“closing thought”
Dreams are thoughts your memory could find
Searching for pleasures deep in your mind

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, May 8, 2010

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