Garrett Doff

Dulusions - Poem by Garrett Doff

Dysfunctional delusions of functional illusions
The only difference is how we, see we
So you are telling me that guy right there
The one who smiles, laughs and cares
Has misled and misguided, dark conclusions
To answers that have eluded man's silly amusements
Maybe it's not that he is misguided or misled
He just thinks on the path no one has tred
A path he chose or a one he fell into
It doesn't matter now because he's
Into deep to be like he or she
Silly Sally and her stupid swings
He can't be you or me because
One he wouldn't want to
And two he has no choice to
Be who he want to be
Free from is crazy mind
Tied with the thickest wire
He's gotten over being tired
He's beyond that, he sick, he's weak
Dying for a taste of some fresh thought to drink
Something not experienced before
Something that has not already bored
Him and so he searches the dark corners of wonder
But he knows going in that he will emerge
The same fucking person that he wants murder
Me and I want to be the one who finds
Gold and diamonds in my mind
Something useful with which I can try
To be some one other than the tree
I am rooted and stubborn within thee
Trying desperately to not be me
To not eventually disappoint the ones
Who gave me support and love
To try to return with something other that the urn
Of my ashes in my moms cold dead hands
Shaking with the weight my death is having
I do not know how to stop these tho
These bullet train thought that are thinking nonstop
I have no control over my own soul
And this is my problem, my overzealous knowledge
Of what I think I know or who I think I am
I am nothing, but the cold sand like ashes
I'm my moms shaking hands

Topic(s) of this poem: depression

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, March 5, 2015

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