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Dystopia Two - Poem by Lonnie Hicks

They have separated us into
our separately suffering
our anxious dank
each of us deployed
against huge institutions
which determine our fate
while stripping us of our
ability to stand up for ourselves
against them
pummeling us with
incessantly repeated
shadings of the truth
coded hate words
pandering to our
on which they have spent millions
depriving us of all privacy
blackmail fodder spy information
to be used against those
who resist
to be used to silence others;
across the airways
where even communications
complaining about the state of affairs
is monitored, interrupted,
co-intelled. deflected;
where one day your email
simply doesn’t work
and the new “suggested” one
simply directs you into their new
Super Servers.

Shocking to realize
that “they are all in it together”
a club of 1% millionaires and billionaires
in the corporations
in the government
across countries
all feeding off the people
who really work
and produce the wealth;
millions of empty homes
millions of homeless
the former middle class
and the poor
not allowed move in
owned by speculators;
system awry
billions each month to the banks
supreme court millionaires (4 of 5)
there are.
Over fifty percent of the House of Representatives
are millionaires
60 percent of the Senate
are too
the President is;
Among the people,99 percent
are not;
millionaires vote their interests
not the interests of the people.
They have separated us into
our separate
silently suffering silos.

We have to regain
our voice by talking to one another
without big brother monitoring
and threatening punishment.

We have to stand up;
if not
we fail
because they
have succeeded in dividing us
augmenting our negatives
pitting us against each other
continuing divide and rule
which they have inculcated into us
from birth
given us tastes
for revenge
bad TV shows
of cruelties
unsensitized us
to the sufferings
of others-
defined as
'not like us'
taught us
to see only 'like us'
as human beings;
confused us;
inculcated us with
a false sense of superiority
to others
implemented by
daily media
“You are with them
or you are with us”
divided us racially
divided us class-wise
frightened us
so we buy guns;
give phony atrocity stories
to keep us afraid or
angry at one another
so we learn hate;
trapped us
into an ethos
where serving our masters
in corporate jobs
becomes what parents
are taught is the only future
for their kids;

fear becomes our master
“Jobism” the goal;
resentments and jealousies our motivator
blindness our guide
succor gone
modern Technological Tribalism
our daily behavior.

We judge our own kids
as failures by these standards
these false
which we get
from TV.

We drink too much
take too many drugs
seek crazy power over others
shun too many
even the defenseless ones
in our own families
rip apart the young ones
physically and mentally
in our own anguish;
those who resist
drive out the disobedient
and the rebels
reveling in our subjugation
of those near or far;
force upon all
of free markets
and competition;
corrupt morality
while piously
proclaiming religious certainties
hiding hypocrisies;
the unborn generations
rape the planet
destroy the future for billions
enthrone Mammon
enthrone degradation
and in the midst
of all this
and a shiny
bright future
for all.

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