Rahul Joshi

Earthen Pot - Poem by Rahul Joshi

My earthen pot is empty, please don’t kick it,
Don’t be angry, let it make the noises and all,
He is hungry; also don’t try to feed it with your stuff,
I will myself bring water to my thing,
Please don’t put your drink in it,
My earthen pot is empty, please don’t kick it.

I don’t have a place to keep it,
It will roll down like this on the road somewhere,
For it is the only way to grow,
It will learn, let it go,
I know it’s a little ugly, a little deshaped,
But that doesn’t mean you have to hate it,
My earthen pot is empty, please don’t kick it.

It was so innocent before, don’t know what has struck him,
Now doesn’t take in any drink pure,
Well who is the culprit?
Me who couldn’t take proper care
Or you who always fed my pot with bad air,
Go away you, and smoke else somewhere,
Addiction is getting to it,
My earthen pot is empty…well let it be.

Oh no, oh no, see what you just did,
Once only I thought of not mentioning it, and you kicked it,
Can’t believe you have broken it into pieces,
Ok deshaped, but it was my earthen pot,
Please pick the pieces carefully, it might hurt him,
Its no longer empty, it’s no longer thirsty,
It’s no longer hungry, it’s no longer, it’s no longer…
I can’t believe he is gone now, I am left all alone,
My pot, my earthen pot is gone,
Don’t stop me, let me cry, let me scream,
I am sorry my pot, I couldn’t feed you,
I am sorry my son, I had to kick you.

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Poem Submitted: Friday, April 29, 2011

Poem Edited: Saturday, May 7, 2011

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