Sarah Louise Persson

Gold Star - 12,615 Points (14 October 1966 / Wellington, Shropshire)

Earths Cologne - Poem by Sarah Louise Persson

Close your eyes and listen,
To the shades of springtime hues,
Blow winds that ride on crests of waves,
Bringing clarity to hazy days.

The colours blend with golden rays,
And contrast with the greens,
A subtleness in beauty,
In this countries quaintly scenes.

The hills outlined with ancient walls,
And streams that gently flow,
And dancing sprightly daffodils,
Trees that tween the bluebells grow.

The cottages with thatched out rooves,
And roses climb the garden walls,
The daisies lay on wild green lawns,
And star lit skies greet barn owl calls.

So close your eyes and listen,
To the shades of sunfilled tones,
Walk gently on this land of green,
Breathe deeply in earths sweet cologne.

Topic(s) of this poem: countryside, england, home, nature

Comments about Earths Cologne by Sarah Louise Persson

  • Edmund Strolis (5/19/2017 6:06:00 PM)

    Don't you dare listen to that pompous self-righteous simpleton. I am not sure if he is just intentionally being an ass because he has some mental issue or if he really believes that somehow he has some insight and knows what is and what is not poetry. The thought that he may consider himself some sort of judge and jury as regards what is poetry is pathetic and cowardly. I love poetry of all decades and one thing I know is that either something is good or it is not. There is no expiration date. I love the 19th century poetry. What does that make me? Quite frankly most contemporary poetry (whatever that is) is lazy and uninspired. Like abstract art anyone can do it and all the know-it-alls like this clown nod their heads like cows in a pasture and pretend that such trash is TRUE ART...............what a load of rubbish. I have read your writings and I am a fan as you know and you always have a unique style and observation that I admire otherwise I would not waste my time. My guess is that he has some sort of mental problem. (Report) Reply

    Sarah Persson Sarah Persson (5/20/2017 4:48:00 AM)

    Thanks Eddie for your comments. Reading some poetry from any age I agree is inspiring and I dont find that my style of rhyming is especially forced, in fact I find it easy when inspired to write. I think Jefferson understands th fact that poetry can come from inything in this life and the manipulates each story to be read as if it is ourselves who are the I even though it is just our imagination. The true poet can bring anything to life with ease of words. I have great respect and admiration for the poets of previous generations along with millions of others and I feel its encouraging to know that this form of poetry will never go out of fashion. I for one can take critisism and make it work for me, a lesson in each comment. I don't always have to agree though :) Jerrerson may be right in his thoughts that I should read more but I have read lots but just written more than read. Its my hobby and I love it as that. TRUE ART is a frame of mind.

    Edmund Strolis Edmund Strolis (5/19/2017 6:26:00 PM)

    I re-read what he wrote and maybe his intentions were well meaning. I am reading Sherlock Holmes at present. Why don't I read contemporary books? Because these speak to me and the same goes for how we write. Truthfully despite the praise I still value my own satisfaction in my writings the most. The mark to me of a good poet is if he or she can write in rhyme. Funny how so-called free thinkers are free to tell you how to write. Isn't that the ultimate hypocrisy? I suppose he did mean well but the logic and reasoning are so absurd. We write when we feel inspired it is not a faucet to turn off and on. You see he had a preconceived objection to the style of writing that blinded him to the merits of the actual words. I reject the 1950's comment right out. Rhythmic poetry is from all ages and I hope it always will be. Sarah the mechanics are easy when the mind is open to the world around you. Everything wishes to be recognized in the song of poetry and like this beautiful poem in a mad world you bring sanity and clarity as starlit skies greet barn owls calls. THAT alone was worth the lifting of the pen!

    Edmund Strolis Edmund Strolis (5/19/2017 6:09:00 PM)

    I was going to make some comments about his poetry only to learn that he is 94....yikes! That explains it all! ! ! ! ! ! !

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  • Jefferson Carter (5/19/2017 3:38:00 PM)

    Sarah, some good lines here, but overall, this kind of poetry died out in the late 50s, at least among professional poets. I suppose you can keep writing like this and get praised by readers ignorant of poetry as an art form, but you said you want helpful criticism, so here it is: stop writing for a while. Writing the same kind of rhyming, rather awkward stuff won't help you improve. Start reading lots of good contemporary poetry; you'll be inspired and learn at the same time. Good luck. Yrs, JC (Report) Reply

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