Thursday, October 25, 2012

Epsilons In Nail Salons Comments

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Go to work, get paid then spend it fast
You need more stuff cuz things don't last
forever. - Hurry! Run to the store!
Corporate slaves and Wal-mart whores


Ray Quesada
Karen Sinclair 22 February 2013

Hi this reminded me of my favourite graffiti artists work. Banksy. Loved it my favourite so far. The rush the push the urge to compete and show is felt in the flow. Cheers karen

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Bessie Adkins 12 January 2013

It really sums up the world. It's horrible that this is what the world is, and very little realize it. But the least you can do is put it out there, and open someone's eyes. Ray you're awesome with words, keep it going man! ! !

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Guy Lip-more 08 January 2013

Sums it all up, great write.

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Steven Voltmann 11 November 2012

very whitty title for the poem and a well put generalization of society and how people become controlled without the slightest of a clue. thumbs up

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