Theresa Haffner

Rookie - 81 Points (August 25,1945 / Plainwell, Michigan)

Erraterra - Poem by Theresa Haffner

settled over the darkness that
came between, and mile high
mindstorm roiled over the
surreptitious subterfugal
subterranean vegetation. melancholy
excavations of the hollowed-out mind shaft
occurred. nine times the cavity collapsed.
Relax. this little turbulence only proves you can
have the capstan containment with enough of
the cartridge to make even your sinister
mile-high sister to grieve! ! !

rapid onset
rapid ending

Angela bent. blossoms were spent
listlessly. the late night tv

“Well, Better the ERRATERRA than
the Green Hills of Earth, ” Sam the Boldface
Belted Brother with rapidiographic
inversion said, an elephantine smile curving about his
EXEC Business Prospects Report/

the sky ectothermic
subcutaneous plasmatic
they plunged the plummeted rock
of the grid E R R A T E R R A, the
wild uncharted unclaimed unsanctioned
P L A N E T O I D A L landscape
that had become the exilic home of these round
ex – chest rest nomads
Bash except Saturday the new land that
was about to be discovered.

overly built and cast erect
plenile and plenary cost effective
on the overcrowded non-determinant
exact change inconsistent
bard stock rasputin synchro EXTRA CHANGE
ScHoLaStIc ‘plastic elastic cast rated
hard rock
rendering willow psychosis
shackles of
the bent trees and born again
savage from the velvet underground
of the planet venus

(often enough an oxymoron would forget
to breathe in the plastic bag
over his head leaving only enough
of the post-dated prophylactic
effect to cause dandruff and a whole
generation has grown up fetishistic.)

enamored of the plastic and the latex

well worn phrases like “I don’t want to have sex
with my mother” or exact change was paid or
“I do want to have sex with my mother but I don’t
want my father to find out” but everybody knows
it’s alright if you use a condom and by the end of the day
condoms were no longer to be confused with

“Nonsense is better than No Sense, ” she reiterated.

“I have no money.”
“But then, on ERRATERRA
there would be no need.”
It was freedom from the rat race and mistakes
that PLANED the Planet Earth
when it was only third from the sun.
Now it was already fourth and soon there would be
no son at all.

mucous molecules
askanse glance – and given the sex of the real sister,
“well, as long as the saul bellows evolve from the
same sex, ” I said
somewhere with infrared sunglasses.

a painful gorky’s had set in.
real time, you are neither an ass nor
assorted as very
cost essential
but then
risking the only open playing
fueled by the herbal savage heroin they loved.

“WELL, ” I said, playing my gambit in the
opening moments of the planetary competition.
ERRATERRA was just one of the games that
had to be won in the eventual street removal
DEATH defying limit

because we all know by now that death
is not a beginning only an ending
and you may have lived before,
perhaps in brooklyn or near the dock of the
havelock ellis clandestine elastic bay windows.

starters were closing up the gap
between the head gear and the gear heads
remember to give it a lube job and see if it needs
its belts changed
exact change was no longer considered fare exchange
and I played a large auditorium with no people in it.

listen to me, my little nectarine,
my freestone peach, my macaroni salad,
my pasta bar, my cling peaches in heavy syrup,
my born-again witch
everybody was a born again something
and realizing the criminal possibilities
of multiple personalities
living on exact change
in a cheap hotel
a game lost to begin with

nowadays instead of a fast car, many partners,
long lasting sex, and a vacation at the end
of the year, we want
fast sex, many partners, a slow car, exact change,
enough gas to get to the next exit on the freeway,
and a notice to vacate.

UNDERSTANDING was one thing she lacked, like
wrapping on the surface of a thing
her windows started to steam up eventually.

radically altered in expression,
control top panty hose never alienated the open
cliff dwellers, etc., the sulfite suburbanites

Yes, she said, and they debated the fact whether the most
important technological advance of the 20th Century
was the photocopy machine or the polyurethane dildo

subliminal sex caught sublime jet streams in the skies

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