Ruth Lennox

Eternal Night - Poem by Ruth Lennox

The wind whispers through the trees
The moon lights the ground
I walk among the fallen leaves
Listening to the nights sound

Birds sing from the highest tree
Or they sleep upon a roof
I look around; drink in what I see
As the shadows remain aloof

The virginal snow falls form the skies
Pure and white and clean
I struggle not to avert my eyes
From beauty I've never seen

The wind whispers secrets in my ear
Its lilting voice resounds
It tells me things I long to hear
As I walk through the forests bounds

A figure, clothed in black
Stands by the forest gate
He reminds me of everything I lack
And embodies everything I hate

He tells me things I should've known
Cheers me up when I am down
He gives me pleasures I should've outgrown
And then throws them on the ground

He leaves me begging on the floor
He finds pleasure in my tears
He leaves me crying outside his door
After he exploits my fears

He watches my retreating back
With a kind of sadistic glee
Knowing that I don't want to come back
And that's why I run as I flee

But the pull is too strong fro me
And I know I'll go back
To his rundown shack you can barely see
To learn how to gain what I lack

And as he delights in cruelty
And making my life hell
He always tells me what I'll never be
And reminds me of how many times I've fell

Now his darkness in englufing me
And I can't see the light
Someone please be able to see
That I don't want to live in eternal night

I want to walk among the trees
And see the pure white snow
I'd even like to be callled a tease
Because at least then I would know

That at least I was alive
At least I could see the bright summer sky
And from the tallest heights; I could dive
And I would not be afraid to cry

So I am begging to you now
Someone ensure I see the light
I'm not sure when or how
But rescue me from this eternal night

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, April 8, 2006

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