Thursday, October 30, 2008

Even The Rain Comments

Rating: 4.8

Even The rain

Is fair and


mifael llauderes
Kumarmani Mahakul 05 April 2019

Rain is definitely fair and blameless. You have interestingly expressed your view. Sweet bondage motivates mind. An interesting poem is brilliantly penned.10

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MKG F 09 February 2009

...even defeat is sweet... poetic justice! very great write! =) i simply love the way this poem was made...realistic ironies were seen...

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C T Heart 07 November 2008

'as long as i have you to keep'...keeping a relationship holding into it as long as it is needed, hench giving up when tomorrow is no longer needed...a 10/10

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May Namoc 31 October 2008

a lovely love poem. a great and wonderful peice. so sweet and so cute. great love poem. thanks for sharing. may

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Mark Nwagwu 30 October 2008

yes, mifael, fantastic 'as long as i have you to keep' - and all that seems bondage is indeed cloaked in freedom. This is the greatest satement of LOVE, that one person who makes you love this world with all its contradictions; the one person who transcends the limitations of human weakness and human foibles - no matter how it is, this person makes me happy to be alive. This is simple and extremely beautiful.10++ Mark

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