Moez Ben Meftah

Face Flower

Moez Ben Meftah

Every day, every hour in the hour
Same query, ‘'what is it in your mind? ''
plethora of facets of one's heart
Well briefed in the photo of a flower

The sweet dreams of an old summer
The nasty fears, the nightmares are there
Like air; flimsy films that are rare
And nothing traces that than a flower
Recent journeys to Florence
Or the plan to fly to France
Or jotting down a new cadence
Have affinities with a flower

'Hishman's' aborted sole romance
Then his verses raving nonsense
And the lost future of absence
Are well depicted in the blues of the flower

The Gaza brooks of crimson gore or
The kids of Aleppo bleeding there all the more
Our dreams stabbed deep in the core
here we are, other shades of 'deflower'

The nude forecast of the weather still unfinished
And the metal news tale ill-furnished
The thirst of lust now well burnished
Could be gowned in the color of a flower

cheap-sweated peers of Oliver Twist
Seen begging in Mogadishu wretched East
Well surveyed by the eyes of the beast
Could be traced in ailing pale flowers

The hijabee teens in Sanaa's dodgy streets
Smuggling goods to Houthi Shiites
The faceoff vindicated on Emirates
Once again these are
looks of the flower

The platoons of skinny Bloke schoolgirls
Laden down by no-life sero skills
And the topic is 'how to rid landfills?
Find ways to relieve our flowers! '

The Siberian subzero snow blanket
Freezing Syrians in Sofian market
The Bengals in the streets of tough Muscat
Maybe traced in victimized lily flower

Every day, every hour in the hour
sleep well, eat well, have a shower
You delete bad pics, yet again they soar
That's it, a new chance for other flower

For thine quest to be cleansed and purify,
Pioneer as martyrs before to fly
And keep this world
May be met in left behind dry flowers

The more you haste you get slower
So lend your oar to Mss mower
A new approache with every rower;
A new view, here sprouts another flower

The love story leading to Marry
With no regrets nor sense sorry
drives ahead then never worry
To deflower is to seed a better flower

Everybody knows well the Day After
By the preface of the gone chapter
The bygones, yet, receive more flowers
There is hate, yet, regret stays longer.

Moez Ben Meftah

Topic(s) of this poem: flower

Poem Submitted: Sunday, December 18, 2016
Poem Edited: Monday, December 19, 2016

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Comments about Face Flower by Moez Ben Meftah

  • Moez Ben MeftahMoez Ben Meftah (3/2/2017 3:29:00 AM)

    It deserves the best flowers ever. Fantastic!

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