Monday, October 22, 2007

Failure And Success Comments

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Failure is the penalty,
for continually getting things wrong.

Success on the other hand is the award,


David Harris
Elvis 16 January 2018

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I think I can answer that question and it doesn't begin with 'f'. Howver... this sort of self-assessment, whilst irresistable to all (which makes the poem one to which your reader can SO relate) is bound to lead to self-recrimination. I know that for me, I am constantly thinking that I am failing. Sometimes it takes years to realise that what felt like a failure at the time in fact contributed to a pretty damned good present, and perhaps, was necessary if unpleasant. And people are not, in themselves, failures, don't you think? Only intentions/actions fail. People are just, generally, rather wonderful inventions, methinks! t x

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Andrew mark Wilkinson 22 October 2007

Only we can be the judge of our lifes, for success or failure who cares has long as we tried...10

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Ernestine Northover 22 October 2007

Life always has its ups and downs David, no one is perfect all the time. It is how you calculate success, it can be to do with such a tiny thing, or something huge. Failure is not always our fault, but we do learn from our mistakes, or I hope we do. The gap seems enormous between the two, but I reckon you are pretty balanced right in the middle. Can't go wrong with that. Great write. Love and hugs Ernestine XXX

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