Emily Dickinson

(10 December 1830 – 15 May 1886 / Amherst / Massachusetts)

"Faith" Is A Fine Invention - Poem by Emily Dickinson


"Faith" is a fine invention
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Form: Epigram

Comments about "Faith" Is A Fine Invention by Emily Dickinson

  • (1/21/2018 8:42:00 AM)

    oo realy very nice poem (Report) Reply

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  • Abhimanyu Kumar.s (11/28/2017 5:26:00 PM)

    Very short yet powerful depth of understanding. (Report) Reply

  • Robert Murray Smith (6/8/2017 3:19:00 AM)

    This poem is about faith as an invention. Both the word and the practuce come out of ancient minds. (Report) Reply

  • (4/5/2017 11:50:00 PM)

    I think i read this poem simpler. It to me contrasts and places faith as a luxury when circumstances allow, while a microscopes (a stand-in for practical knowledge) is necessary when the circumstances are pressing. This is possibly a reaction to Emily Dickinson's experience of religious teaching of her time. Her sense of God and divine did not conform to the constricts and prattling of her time, and certainly we see similar stuff today. (Report) Reply

  • Indira Renganathan (2/21/2017 11:29:00 PM)

    If faith be an invention and not a natural trait....then it should be cautious like the prudent microscope in an emergency....a truth expressed in a witty way (Report) Reply

  • Loppo Louie (2/16/2017 10:49:00 AM)

    As fine as an invention that
    will be.Be as I am.
    (Report) Reply

  • Sylva-onyema Uba (2/8/2017 8:12:00 AM)

    Faith is a fine invention. Well expressed and punctuated. Sylva. (Report) Reply

  • (1/5/2017 5:54:00 AM)

    Faith and truth always go together. Although lies can pass as truth for a short while until discovered! Good poem. (Report) Reply

  • Tom Allport (1/2/2017 10:25:00 AM)

    tom allport
    in order to have faith, you first need belief, in order to have belief you then need truth, to have truth you need to see it with your own eyes, otherwise it could be a pack of lies? (Report) Reply

    Rod Mendieta (3/17/2017 11:19:00 AM)

    Yes, or simply 'Blind Faith'. I'd say Faith alone, without knowledge and the ability to see through imposture is worse than no Faith at all.

  • (9/22/2016 5:53:00 PM)

    straight up.there in lane of truth,splendid! (Report) Reply

  • Diane Montemayor (7/6/2016 8:23:00 AM)

    Dear Sir,

    The poem tells about to see is to believe.
    What a little faith? .
    Faith is your heart tells that something good will happen the moment you believe in Him.

    (Report) Reply

  • James Corro (5/23/2016 2:46:00 AM)

    Nice. It's about faith that can be magnified depending on your belief. (Report) Reply

  • (4/8/2016 4:01:00 PM)

    Succinct and witty. A great talent.
    Tom Billsborough
    (Report) Reply

  • Clarence Prince (3/10/2016 10:11:00 AM)

    Faith gives us hope! (Report) Reply

  • Anzelyne Shideshe (2/10/2016 8:01:00 AM)

    Short, precise and informative (Report) Reply

  • (12/25/2015 1:40:00 PM)

    To the point. (Report) Reply

  • (5/29/2015 8:50:00 PM)

    Simple yet elegant👌 (Report) Reply

  • (2/6/2015 11:33:00 AM)

    Age old argument for science to prevail! (Report) Reply

  • Karan Pratap Singh (1/12/2015 12:04:00 PM)

    A good poem indeed by Emily. I really find it flawless. (Report) Reply

  • (9/14/2014 3:57:00 AM)

    The poem challenges men, to be more open minded! (Report) Reply

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