Monday, February 21, 2011

Far Away Comments

Rating: 5.0

you, grieving heart, kissed again the frozen lips of solitude
raw realities descending the heavy clouds of lucidity
in moonlight night, I sink into your sacred embrace,
like a black pearl in the vast stoned infinity.


Agatha Eliza
Pamela Sinicrope 27 May 2016

I like much of the imagery expressed in this writing. I too like to write about wings...and I've not read another poet write about black broken wings of a muse, so I enjoyed that twist. You certainly conveyed your message and your mood well. I'm glad I've found your poetry. Something enjoyable and new for me to read! :)

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Edward Kofi Louis 01 May 2016

The Frozen lips of solitude! Thanks for sharing.

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Queeny Gona 05 March 2016

Having thought of re reading the muse to cast light on the depths of each line, I am amused to see the philosophical expressions given at the end of each stanza. eternal sleep watched by broken wings of a muse.. forlorn visions lost on the steps of pagan altars. Eternal Sleep and Forlorn visions that you refer in here make me imagine the picture that you wanted your readers to see.

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Queeny Gona 09 December 2015

Very poignant expressions in each and every line!

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