Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fear Is... Comments

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Fear is stormy weather
Fear is light as a feather
Fear is rain
Fear is pain


Nolan Holland
Lilly 11 February 2021

I love this poem I red for my reading time in school and I read this now like everyday or one of Nolan's Hunter's poems they are amazing especially this one

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ncxjkvncxj bckxj b 08 January 2021

nice peom

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Maeve McGinley 22 April 2020

Wow it is an amazing poem and is really poetic and powerful

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Emma''s mum 19 September 2018

Emma, the word is awesome, shame on you on a site dedicated to the English language

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Emma Rogers 19 August 2009

l0ve yr p0em itz alsum! :)

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Lilly 11 February 2021

I love your poem it is awesome

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u are truly poetic..great imagination

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