hollie ash

Finally A Bit Of Rage - Poem by hollie ash

i've been thinking and drinking,
regretting and cigarette'ing
and there's one more thing i have to say

i've made promises that i have broken
screamed words that i should have spoken
ignored when i awoke and saw the truth of you

all your love was bitter wine, wasted words and wasted time
but i wouldn't trade a day of rage or pain or rain or blame
for all the songs you'll never sing or all the gold inside that ring
or just for the whole god-damned thing

i take it back i tell you
you're so small in my rear view
your mouth is movin', but honey i am too
and there's not one thing that you can do

i take it back and i am angry
finally you can't make me
anything other than what i am

i've been broken and outspoken,
rearranging, misbehaving
and there's one more thing i have to say

i've healed from wounds that you inflicted
changed the way my life's depicted
and the only thing i predict is that i am done with you

all of the love i had: well, it's all gone and that's too bad
today's good things like sun and song and i guess all along
it wasn't you who held the key and your own insanity
will be your end eventually

i take it back i tell you
no more living deja vu
anything you say ain't true
and if it was we still are through

i take it back, all of me
absolving your responsibility
for everything i am

everything i put up with, i just consider your last gift
and mine for you are these last words, none of which you probably heard
but that's alright and it's okay; all i've really got to say
is that i take myself back.

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Poem Edited: Tuesday, April 26, 2011

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