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First They Came For The Jews Comments

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First they came for the Jews
and I did not speak out
because I was not a Jew.


Martin Niemöller
Stephen 28 October 2021

Yes, but yr version is out of order, both in the original and in reality: "they" didn't come for the Jews first—the first concentration camps were filled with communists and socialists, and it was only later that the Jews were "taken away", despite earlier discrimination and persecution.

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Caro 11 March 2021

Have been aware of this poem for years only thanks to Michael Savage. Things might be getting bad enough for people to get aware.

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Alice 06 November 2021

I use to listen to Michael Savage on the radio all the time. Complained about what was going on in Marin County although he lived there. I use to say, if he doesn't like what's going on, move out.

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Erin 26 February 2021

It's happening to us right now

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Fred 27 January 2021

I think it would be fine to go after the communists because they are the totalitarian thugs who would be committing these very crimes.

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John 20 February 2021

You don't understand the message at all, do you Fred! If you don't speak up for any injustice, then if you need support there may be no one there for you!

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Sheila 01 June 2021

We must remember that we are all equal under the law. If we don't insist on equal protection under the law, it can all fall apart @

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You Were Warned 11 January 2021

This poem is all too apt for those rejoicing that conservatives are being silenced. They'll get to you soon enough. Learn from Neimöller's bitter regret, before it's too late.

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Helen 15 January 2021

Sounds regretful because he didn't step in to help the people. Sounds kind ofcregretful and a lesson learned

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TRBoom 12 December 2020

The Jews especially did not deserve what happened to them. They are the apple of God’s eye.

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Me 04 March 2021

God's getting real tired of having these poisonous 'apples' jammed into his 'eye'.

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The Goyim Know 05 March 2021

In the eyes of a Jewish extremist

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Caro 12 March 2021

Well that's largely the reason they were targeted.

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grimfandango 27 November 2020

They came for those that were corrosive and destructive to a healthy Germany. And they came for them to deport them. Not to murder them - Google the Haavara Agreement. So my question for you is, WHY did they " come" for you?

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philip Bardone 26 December 2020

You missed the point of the poem. It's about not doing anything for others when you should.

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Mmp 02 January 2021

Are you truly heartless?

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Me 04 March 2021


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Me 04 March 2021


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Ivanhoe 22 October 2020

Socialism is coming for you today under the Democrat Party

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Caro 12 March 2021

Socialism is the nice way to introduce Communism, right.

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Lynn P. 14 September 2020

Does not one see a parallel in what is happening in the USA today?

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David 27 June 2020

The Facist grew to fight the Communist. Stalin and Mao killed more, yet Hitler is more vilified.

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Fred 27 January 2021

The communists and fascists are on the same side of wickedness. They both hate Jesus Christ. They both are totalitarian. They both are satanic.

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John 20 February 2021

So that makes all the Jewish dead, acceptable? Give your head a shake, David!

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Caro 12 March 2021

Hitler just went about differently. Butler would

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Dixie 16 May 2020

I do speak up for everyone but they don't know it. The politicians are crooks. Your poem is right on.

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This is wrong 27 January 2020

The concentration camps were set up to persecute the communists first. The poem reflects that order

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Douglas Brown 02 June 2020

Maybe so, but 6 million of them did not die.

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Tye 21 January 2021

The poem reads First they came for the Jews

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ABU SIDDIK 22 January 2020

Brevity and clarity of thought are the hall marks of this poem.

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obama''s left clavicle 05 December 2019

hmmm, yes, very meaningful, thank you for sharing

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Denise Fisher 16 August 2019

When will we wake up.We are all part of the human race.

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Ulrike 14 May 2019

This is not properly translated. Not at all! The first line is: " when they came for the communists..." then the social democrats, then the labor unions, then the Jews.

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gghhhg 16 April 2019


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