kelli gibbs

First Time! ! !

After a few minutes yuu hear the door open and close really quickly. Without warning yuu get kissed suddenly out of the blue. Even though yuu knew it was your boyfriend it still shocked u but yuu liked the kiss. and then suddenly u get kissed with full on tongue. As yuu are kissing your amazing boyfriend u feel him start to take off yuur top then yuur bra. Yuu start to get a little worried b/c u know whats about to happen and its you and his first time to do it u try to push him up. Yuu get stopped in yuur tracks and pinned up against a wall yuu feel a buldge hit yuur leg and yuu know exactly whats happening. Yuu are now making out with your boyfriend again and not even breaking the kiss get chucked onto the bed.He reaches for yuur pants and undoes them and throughs them to the ground aswell as all his clothes. Now yuu are scared, yuu are wearing nuthing but yuur underwear and u are about to have sex with your boyfriend for the first time.He gets down and touches yuur thigh and gives a slight laugh. As his hand travels upwards yuu get the tingles through yuur whole body.He gets up to yuur thong and rips it off with his teeth. He sticks his tongue in yuu and licks yuu fast. Yuu moan with pleasure and he laughs. Yuu dont feel anything for a minute or two. But then he shoces it in yuu faster in and out in and out. The bed starts to move and yuur almost screaming in pleasure. He pulls out of yuu and comes and sits over yuu. He opens yuur mouth and yuu give hima headjob, yuu hear him moan. Yuu start going faster and he cums in yuur mouth. Yuu dont want to swallow but he makes yuu. then you feel him start to finger you again it feels so good u grab his hair and pull while moaning.then u feel him stick it in real slowly in and out in and out u grip his back and dig your nails into it! while kissing and biting his neck... then u feel him start to kiss all the way down he gets to your stomac and kisses it softly then coming back up kissed your neck and then your lips looks into your eyes and says i love you baby....forever and always

Poem Submitted: Tuesday, April 7, 2009
Poem Edited: Tuesday, April 7, 2009

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    DAMN that is deeeppp

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