Simon Flint

Fleeing From Life - Poem by Simon Flint

Fleeing from life

Sometimes I just want to run far away,
Through the fields and past the trees that sway,
Escape from the bellowing, the questions,
The pain.

I wish I could go, just to be alone,
Leave and travel far away from home
Away from the coursework, the misery,
The strain.

I wish I could disappear, deep into the ground,
Away from everything, so as not to hear another sound
To travel through the heart of the woods;
And see not the familiar, but the growth of the spring buds

Through the undergrowth and whatever else follows,
The only thing to be heard is the sweet chattering of the swallows;
Singing their merry tune, not a care in the world
But then as I flee I am suddenly hurled -

Back to reality, the escape now dissolved
Soon in the classroom, my problem not solved
I panic; I worry and hope to die
As yet again I’m faced eye to eye
Questioned why it is I choose to lie

For no matter how fast I run, or how far I go
Troubles catch up, to again make me feel low
I guess you can’t just leave and flee from man kind
Because no matter how far or where you go,
Your problems are just a step behind.

Simon Flint

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, March 17, 2007

Poem Edited: Thursday, February 3, 2011

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