Thursday, March 29, 2012

Flesh Tint Comments

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Like a painting by Velazquez
A woman stands
Alone in the frame


Dilip Chitre

A deep view like in the painting. Interesting piece

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Romella Kitchens 18 April 2014

This comment is for Chitre's poem Flesh Tint. Ekphrasis is poetry influenced by art work. Or, it can be art created yhrough poetry. Chitre goes much further here and becomes the poetry artist blending the human with flora and fauna and seeing importance in it all. Western Ghats is mentioned in this poem. It is on the west coast of India and is on the World Heritage List. Its surreal blues and greens and spectacular wildlife give a canvas of global respect and concern to this poem.

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Romella Kitchens 18 April 2014

The piano in this poem could be symbolic of the need to express oneself, family, history and connection whether good, bad or both. It could also be metaphoric of the coffin. The diamond would possibly be the perpetual of the crematory ash the poet infers by the term pieces in this poem. It is known pressure hones diamonds, weight. The poet expresses exemplar after exemplar, the weight of Bombay. One of Chitre's best poems.

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