Flying Over Sand Dunes Poem by Ellen Shaw

Flying Over Sand Dunes

Rating: 5.0

You broke my heart
the moment I saw tyres
flying over your sharp
soft sand dunes.
When everything froze
the sky, still, cloudless, blue
and my feet buried
willingly setting roots in the sand.
The sun blazing high above wishing
the day a final goodbye
I drew my wishes, tattooed
them with one finger upon your skin.
Oh! How I loved you most
you'd watched me conquer fears
shared in all of my dreams
you heard my laughter.
You gave me sweet, sweet freedom
my childhood to replay
we were both raw and savage
painfully, naturally beautiful.
You shattered my illusions
the moment I heard the impact
the crunch of metal
and then the thick black smoke
When everyone froze
I ran like a woman possessed
forced to act on instinct
How could you do this to me?
Clawing my ankles
you are barren and selfish
you exposed my faults
how unforgiving you are.
I loved you most
mouth open in silent despair
in you crept
filling me with your raw and savage loneliness.
You broke my heart
but I can never truly leave
with my arms outstretched I am
flying over sand dunes.

Richard D Remler 04 May 2019

pure poetry. Sad, beautifully penned. A stellar write.

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Susan Lacovara 04 April 2014

You emotions too like raging river....I was drenched in your writing. Such talent, that you can take us to your exact spot, exacting such poignant feelings. Applause to you and PEACE

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Valsa George 04 January 2014

The intense pangs of love lost! ! The affliction and agony of a love once flourished, but now vanished is poignantly brought out! Great write! Thank you for reading my poem-A sudden Downpour and commenting! !

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Scotty Dogg 04 August 2013

Really good. Sad. I can see the whole thing. S.

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