For My Black Skin Poem by Romella Kitchens

Romella Kitchens

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

For My Black Skin

"For My Black Skin": Notes Of
The Unapologetic

Once in class, as a girl, a slightly lighter child claimed, "You are rather dark. I mean, White people like us lighter, more like them."

The other students gasped in shock at this claim and one said, "Good people like all colors of other people. They simply do. I am Brown. They say nothing of it. And, I like them for who they are, just the same."

As calm as a Summer breeze, I stood up and said, "Behold my blackness. My darkness is the time before time. I am the African cradle your ass was rocked in whether you be Black or White or Light or all those wonderful phases of humanity in between so, rock, rock, ROCK.

I am the black Jewel so dazzling, sweetheart, Tiffany's cannot afford to offer me…
The potential buyers must beg on their knees for one glimpse of my
Ebony perfection… completely down to da floor of acceptance.

I am revenge dark and deep against the picking of cotton bolls, tobacco and the damned peanuts.

The diamond mines and gold mines of Africa bow their heads in shame for, I surpassed anything in them.
Dig, shovel, pick ax, you will not find me.

I am Rosa Parks not giving up her seat Black.
Black like freedom marches Black.

I am the Black that freed South Africa.
The Black that birthed YOU whether light or dark and loved you whether light or dark, will always love you and not turn hypocrite against you.

I would shout my love for you off the pinnacle of Mount Rushmore, a love so free of hating even the monuments there will break into wide smiles, ear-to-ear grins.

So, free your mind from hating what you should love just because someone who hates you contorted your beliefs.
Would you also just jump off of a mountain if they told you to?
Free yourself!

I am a mother of mothers.
I am the father of father's.
I am Pharaoh's Pharaoh's.
And, don't you ever forget it."
Then, I sat down...

The earth settled itself.
The ocean stopped racing to the shore fitfully and just walked
in like a relaxed beach comber.

And we were peaceful and dark. Peaceful and caramel hued,
peaceful and hues without names.
Little dark children went home from school that day not feeling color shamed, but happier. Little light children left not denied either and were accepted instead of thought different.
Always be happier than those who persecute you…
Validate yourself without having to disavow them.
A poem for my black skin, for our black skin, for red, yellow, a white and brown skin, for all skin in it's individual glory… Remember me.
Remember all of us.

Monday, March 18, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: black african american

Romella Kitchens

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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