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Forget What Your Ears Think - Poem by Dexsta Ray

A poet's confession
Double mindedness get me
Too many hate to see you blessed
Trouble finds
It's restricting
A bunch of vines, I cut with scythes, intertwined with the message
But other times, I just decline, and get blinded by flesh
And call on God
I ask Him what's the problem?
Not His fault
Satan trying extra, God said He'd let him test you
But I wonder if it'd let up
False accusers
Bitter enemies… attaching to me
All the litter...
Bitter entities, just forget the words of the wicked
That's in the Scripture reads
Everything is dinner but the sinners that fulfill their needs
Now, they're fixed on me
Faces I ain't never saw
Love to all the Spirit's seeds! I made it through the weather tall
Because of He we'll never fall
I ask the Lord forgiveness
So I cannot hate anybody that has formed against me
Put the sword against me
So I'm not as poor in spirit
Everybody talking but nobody has consorted with me
Because the ones who had the opportunity
I got the shift
Before I met them… this would be an opposite of me
Before it happened
Now the villain forming tactics
Sure to turn the crowd on me, but the Lord had said it'd happen
I'm light…
A tad of darkness, in the soul, it add to scar me
But I'm conquering myself because I'm knowing that's a part of
Striving right…
It's like a movie, how they do me
Using something small
Blow it up
And store it as a ruse to keep me under all
When accusers know accusers that will do the same
Sure I've messed up
But the blamed is what you do today!
I was checked up, by the Father and the Son
Pulled me out the dungeons
So I'm only following the One
Everything accomplished
Has been honest
All the true ones see
It's just the fact that changes are rebutted
But it's drew in ink!
They misrepresent my actions
Like I'm meaning different, I say their accusations backwards
Then I'm 'leaving fearless'
Earth is like the sea, and some humans are His means of Spirit
Soon He'd take the wheat from the drink like when eating cereal
And the tare
Which is depraved
Get to sit enflamed, Father please forgive me for my sins
When I went astray
Watch, the wicked used this and try to twist the phrase
Anything to get me, moved, wacked, just to get my place
I have no choice but to talk about the villain's plights
And I don't like it, either or, but this is my life
But I'm happy with how far I've come, I'm a living kite, hanging by the Bible
In this world trying to get it right
I see it in the night
The wicked seeking life, it's twisted, you can't get it
By the sin against the High
Which gives it, spirit type, it's either that or in hell
It's taken lightly by a lot except the ones there that dwell
It's extra painful, extra hot, and there's no one you can tell
There's no escape, you had your shot
But you played in your shell
But then it's too
I'd rather ask the Lord to keep me cool, straight, 'cause
Heaven is the opposite, a beauty, with a smooth break, the views great
Second earth is a blessing
Without the evil or the sin or the curses and wretched
You're being tested…
And one day, God'll ask you some questions
What will you say as your response when He's done all that was necessary?
Yes, it's scary, when it's Him, all involved in the mix
That's why I'm caring, in this skin,
'Cause soon it all won't
And they can talk and they can talk or even walk into sin
But God ain't slacking on His promise, no, He saw what you did
And I ain't perfect but I'm certain I ain't call with a hiss
We slay the serpents with the Scripture
Meant to lift you
To a higher level, then send the vision, through the curses to inspire kids
You claim to hate me, well, I love you like desire twist
We're here to save your soul but will
Crush whatever try to
False accusers lie a bunch, trying to flip to skit, but long as Jesus
Know, I'm consoled, I can live with this
I ain't doing nobody wrong, Lord, forgive, if did
Some folks just want to hold…
Blade, to scope a place
To stick it
And that's all that I have known, so far, and not too many won't
You ain't problem, staying locked and not a 'friendly' folk
That's not to say to stand, flopped, if the Spirit spoke, but just be careful
'Cause they'll claim you plots that you didn't know
Spread the word far and wide, try to end your hope
Envy is the cause
I'm with God so I'm rigid though…
And never take what they say and script it in your soul, be who you are
No matter what they devil's kids impose
Wicked men and women
All of His will grow, all the faithful servants He will cherish
Like we did with gold, I'm on another realm, wow
I ripped the film down
May try to ruin the vision, but it'd backfire, attract mire, mind accruing venom
Now it's blind, or known as real now…

Many speak on persecutions...
Not just me

Praise Jesus Christ of Nazareth! I rejoice!

Topic(s) of this poem: spiritual, truth

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