Tyler Comstock

Fragments Of Good In Each - Poem by Tyler Comstock

Fragments of Good in Each

If every single
Man and woman,
Child and baby,
Acts and conducts themselves

In the accepted pattern,
Crosses no lines, differs with no one,
Never ever, even, endangers the ease
Peace of mind, or steady unbroken flow

Of what is presented to us as our lives,
Fed to us on a wax paper platter
Then that soul, or souls,
Is granted the curse.

Cast from their own wand,
Sacrificed themselves to be
Consumed by the ecosystem
Of their own history.

The next victims’ voices
Swallowed by the silence, and stench
Of partially digested counterparts from
The unforgiving belch of conformity.

But, let one man step out
Of the regular thought, or
Trusted pattern, even one lone step
And listen with muffled ears;

The mind of lesser men ring with nervousness
Their sanity and safety uprooted.
And watch as their chubby hands
Crash down in unparalleled anger.

But, fear not. There will always be,
That one soul that demands
An answer to his question,
And questions that same answer.

For it is hardly admitted aloud,
But blatantly evident in life.
That humans will never be satisfied.
They will always want something more.

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Poem Submitted: Friday, May 7, 2010

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